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Zine thing.

Ballyhoo #1

On the graff/art side comes Ballyhoo. Bizarre drawings, comics, graffiti, clip art, photos, photo manipulation, "How to Build a Potato Gun," "How to Make Moonshine," and a story/song about a guy named Crab. Useful information, brain titillation, on, and inherent retardation, it's a feast for the eyes and all wrapped up in a flashy silk-screened cover. It's worthy enough for you to send the $3 asking price to: 2800 Hillegass Aye, Berkeley, CA 94705.


Now this is good. I reviewed this a while back and fed the creator some criticism, which he reprinted in this issue. But far from crying like a baby about, it, he seemed to take it in stride constructively and not get all defensive, which is, I guess, how I usually intend it. Combined with the fact that this guy's in seventh grade, I think that rules. He's gotten off his ass and put something out there, and in the space of an issue or two has improved in leaps and bounds. This issue has a Europe trip, a review of the Brooklyn park, an interview with 5boro's Steve Rodriguez, video and music reviews, the Obey tour, and a Richard Mulder interview. Send a buck or two to: 26 East 2nd St, New York, NY 10003-8906.

Slug #166

From the Mormon state comes Slug; It's a good example of a local alternative music 'zine, with show reviews and local band features, but has some bigger stuff in there as well (The Damned, Sick of it All, The Vandals), and a little skating and snowbrucing thrown in for good measure. Send a couple bucks to: 2225 S 500 E, Ste 206, Salt Lake City, UT 84106.

(This is a Skate 'Zin) #1

Well, sure it's a skate 'Zine, but it's also a promotional device for Sole Tech, perhaps in the vein of Santa Crux' old Strange Notes. It's got interviews with Heath Kirchart, Austin Stephens, Donny Barley, Andrew Reynolds and Bryan Herman, and some Ed Templeton art, not to mention great photos. And guess who's back from the dead? GSD is behind the wheel! Skate Fate! Send a buck to: 20161 Windrow DR, Lake Forest, CA 92630.

Crap #2

Living up to its name, Crap is mostly focused on the fecal. It's got some Kinda bizarre and/or rudimentary comics, some weird, uh, "poetry," and a bizarre Mickey Mouse-esque comic in Dutch. Sure to leave you scratching your head, send enough to cover air mail postage to: Crap! Van Noremborghstraat 72, 5212 NE's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Man, even their addresses are stoney over there!

Cold Hands Dead Heart

Freelance artists and illustrators have a tough gig. There's tons of them out there and only a handfull of prime jobs. If you get hooked-up with a big-market magazine or advertising job you're set, otherwise you've got to scramble. Mike Twohig tries to float above the rest by showcasing his stuff in a series of sketchbook 'zines. He documents current events and random pop culture references. His sketches could be described as bizarre, dark, and cynical (perhaps appropriately so). We get a lot of these and this is one of the best. Write:

Gangsta Rap Coloring Book

Another 'zine with a gun on the cover. You guys aren't pathetically impressionable are you? Didn't think so. This one has a slew of funny, deliberately mediocre drawings of your favorite gun-toting rap artists (Hey, that's the image they've cultivated). Feel free to color in sketches of Ice-T, Dr. Dre, Geto Boys and many others. You'll laugh and then feel strangely compelled to grab some Crayons. Not quite a 'zine, this is more just a goofy marketing tool for Janky Industries, a small music label. It works, though. It's better than shitty xeroxed bios and 8 by 10 glossy photos. Write:
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Date:Feb 1, 2003
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