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Zila is gearing up efforts in cancer detection arena. (Biotechnology).

PHOENIX -- Zila Inc. has strengthened its biotechnology business, reported on OraTest funding, added key personnel and expanded on several other objectives.

The company says Zila Biotechnology Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, is expanding under the direction of Jeff Morhet, recently appointed vice president and general manager of the cancer detection business.

The unit will operate as a comprehensive research, development and licensing business specializing in precancer and cancer detection through Zila tolonium chloride, a patented technology.

Zila also expects to receive payment of about $15 million from a settlement with a former provider of services. Proceeds will be a principal source of funding for tolonium chloride and OraTest programs.

"We now have all of the elements needed to launch a more comprehensive tolonium chloride program," maintains Morhet.

"Zila Biotechnology will use the combined efforts and expertise of its employees, the leading cancer experts on its medical advisory board and the experience and expertise of new regulatory consultants to accomplish its OraTest and tolonium chloride goals."

According to the company, oral clinical studies at research centers demonstrate the tolonium chloride technology selectively stains precancer and cancerous cells. By detecting such abnormalities, oral cancer -- one of the 10 most common forms of the disease in the nation -- can be prevented through intervention at the predisease state.

Morhet emphasizes that Zila Biotechnology will be a multidisciplinary unit leveraging regulatory strategies, intellectual property rights and relationships with partners and international experts to explore tolonium chloride products.

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Publication:Chain Drug Review
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Date:Jun 30, 2003
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