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Zieten (Ziethen), Count Hans Ernst Karl von (1770-1848).

Prussian field marshal. Principal wars: French Revolutionary War (1792-1799); Napoleonic Wars (1800-1815). Principal battles; Jena-Auerstadt (1806); Kulm (Chelmno), Leipzig (1813); Vauchamps (near Montmirail) (1814); Ligny, Waterloo (1815).

Born in 1770; he entered the Prussian army as a young man; as an officer in the Queen's Dragoons, fought at Jena-Auerstadt (October 14, 1806); distinguished himself commanding a brigade in Kleist's corps at Kulm (August 30, 1813) and at Leipzig (October 1619); led the vanguard of Kleist's corps at Vauchamps (February 14, 1814); saw little action during the remainder of that campaign; commanded the 32,000-man I Corps around Fleurus and Charleroi before the Waterloo campaign (May 1815), his cavalry patrols were the first Allied troops to make contact with Napoleon's army during that campaign (June 12-13); at the battle of Ligny, his troops held a forward position south and east of the village, and were engaged in intense combat throughout the day (June 16); his corps arrived on the northeastern flank of the French line at Waterloo about 6:30 P.M. (June 18); the threat posed by Zieten's attack provoked Napoleon to commit his final reserve in a desperate, vain attempt to break Wellington's line; after Napoleon's abdication, Zieten was made commander of the Prussian Army of Occupation in France (1815-1816); and later served as commandant general of Silesia; promoted to field marshal (1832), he died in 1848.

An able and resourceful commander, he performed well in defeat at Ligny and victory at Waterloo in the Waterloo campaign. <BL>

Friederich, Rudolf, Die Befreiungskriege 1813-1815. 4 vols. Berlin,


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