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Zhu Yizun.

Zhu Yizun or Chu Yi-tsun, Yi-tsun also spelled Chu I-tsun, also called Zhu Zhucha(b. Oct. 7, 1629, Xiushui, Zhejiang province, China--d. Nov. 14, 1709, Xiushui)

Eminent Chinese scholar and poet of the early Qing dynasty (1644-1911/12).

Though his family had been prominent under the Ming dynasty, Zhu was forced to spend much of his life as a private tutor and personal secretary to various local officials and men of letters. His considerable intellectual accomplishments, however, earned him a summons to a special Qing examination in 1678. Eventually he won an appointment to the prestigious Hanlin Academy at the court in Beijing, where he became an editor on the official Ming history project. While at the capital he wrote a number of other histories, including a noted history of Beijing and its environs (1688), and produced his Jingyi kao (1701; expanded ed. 1755; "General Bibliography of the Classics"), a massive descriptive catalog of both lost and extant works in the Confucian canon.

Preserving a lively interest in poetry throughout his career, Zhu edited a collection of Ming verse and a definitive anthology of lyric ci poetry. Indeed, he is regarded as one of the best of the early Qing poets. He was a prolific composer of ci poetry, his work in that genre being traditional in form, though somewhat obscure and allegorical in approach. His courtesy name is Xichang.

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