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Zh. Zharimbetov admits his guilt.

In Kazakhstan, there have been proceedings against the ex-member of top management at BTA Bank Zhaksylyk Zharimbetov. He is suspected of embezzlement from the bank as part of the crime group headed by Mukhtar Ablyazov. The total damage to the bank exceeds 12 billion US dollars.

Over the years, he had been a companion-in-arms and deputy of Mukhtar Ablyazov. When the investigative bodies of Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine, where BTA Bank had its branch offices, started their criminal proceedings regarding fraud, Zh. Zharimbetov fled Kazakhstan. He did so immediately after M. Ablyazov, the head of the bank, left the country in an emergency.

Early this year, Zh. Zharimbetov was detained with a fake passport by Turkish customs officers. Zh. Zharimbetov did not deny his guilt. He appealed to the Consulate General of Kazakhstan in Turkey for help admitting his guilt. As Zh. Zharimbetov was on Interpol's wanted list, he surrendered himself to the authorities of his native country. Turkish officials had no objections regarding his deportation to Kazakhstan.

When delivered to Astana, Zh. Zharimbetov announced "he was tired of running away." He had been on the most wanted list for almost 8 years, and had been residing in the United Kingdom as a refugee. During those years, he was prosecuted by British courts on suits with BTA Bank. On 13th of August, 2009, the High Court in London adopted a verdict to freeze all the assets owned by Mukhtar Ablyazov, ex-Chairman of the Board Roman Solodtchenko, and Deputy Chairman Zhaksylyk Zharimbetov.

Zhaksylyk Zharimbetov admitted his guilt partially, claiming he had been carrying out assignments of M. Ablyazov, which had led him to fall. 'However, I absolutely admit my guilt,' he said.

The organized crime group lead by ex-Head of BTA Bank Mukhtar Ablyazov and ex-Deputy Chairman of the Board of BTA Bank Zhaksylyk Zharimbetov committed thefts from BTA Bank on a regular basis. Total damages to the Kazakhstani Bank amounts to approximately USD 7.5 billion. Total damages by M. Ablyazov's crime group in the countries of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, and United Kingdom exceeds USD 12 billion.

At the moment, Mukhtar Ablyazov is a resident of France. French authorities have refused his deportation to the Russian Federation.

Antanas Duda

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Author:Duda, Antanas
Publication:The Baltic Times (Riga, Latvia)
Geographic Code:9KAZA
Date:May 18, 2017
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