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Zero in on profits with pre-finished stocks.


When a customer is in need of a new stock for his rifle, shotgun or bolt-action pistol, the pre-finished or "drop-in" stock may be the best choice. Whether you employ a gunsmith, or have the classic small operation, profits and increased business traffic are reason enough to investigate this source of income.

Pre-finished stocks are defined differently by just about every stock manufacturer. Most have different levels of completion ranging from 95% complete but still needing bedding and a paint job to completely finished, ready to install stocks. Available in wood, composites, and polymers, these stocks provide an attractive alternative to the "issue" wood that manufacturers provide with their firearms. Whether your customer likes the "high-tech" look of space-age materials, the traditional look of natural wood, or the flair of laminated wood, you can serve him better if you are aware of what is available.

Cosmetics are an important part of any stock, but another important selling point is performance. Whether the customer is interested in a new stock for his Mauser 98 or for his M700 varmint gun, performance plays a big part in the decision to restock. Many of the drop-in stocks need no bedding, but bedding can still be done to wring out more accuracy for your customer. Weight is also an issue with the hunter and sportsman. Many stocks weigh less than two pounds, giving the shooter a lighter and more accurate gun.

Delivery times range from several days to 4-6 weeks. Injection molded stocks are generally easier to obtain (and less expensive), and composite (variations of graphite/fiberglass/Kevlar laminates) take a bit longer. Bedding is only required on a few, being optional on the rest. One manufacturer even has a video available (rent/purchase) giving bedding instructions for you or your customer. Colors and some camos are molded in or applied with long-lasting, tough lacquers. Camo patterns are varied and blend in well with the surroundings of the area your customer will be hunting. When ordering, make sure you read the stockmaker's literature closely to ensure that the features you want on the customer's gun must have. This becomes especially important when the customer's gun has had custom work previously performed, larger barrels, different triggers, etc.

Although the majority of pre-fitted stocks are ordered directly from the company when needed, some can be kept on the shelf for those occasional replacements. Ram-Line even has a counter display to pique your customer's interest in aftermarket stocks. Some of the same manufacturers that make stocks for the major manufacturers also sell those stocks to you. For example, in an area that has a high concentration of Remington shotguns, replacement 870 or 1100 stocks can be a good seller. Don't rule out offering the folding stocks for the Ruger 10/22s and Minis. They're usually a standard stock item or one easily obtained from your favorite distributor.

The left-handed (LH) shooter is not ignored either. There are many models made with the left-handed shooter in mind. McMillan Fiberglass Stocks alone has ten models and E.C. Bishop will place the cheekpiece on the other side at no extra charge. Even if your left-handed customer doesn't see what he wants, several stocks can be altered with a minimum of effort to adapt to a left-hand action.

Whatever your choice, you can't go wrong with this lineup of fine quality stocks. All of the companies are anxious to please the dealer and the customer. If you have any questions about orders, materials, colors or models, don't hesitate to contact them before you order.

For more information on these products, circle the Reader Service Number on the Reader Service Card.

Bell & Carlson Carbelite Stocks
# of Models 22 one-piece stocks, 11 two-piece, all the same basic style.
Material Laminated Kevlar, fiberglass & graphite.
Finish Textured, baked-on enamel or Woodgrain ($80-$100 extra).
Colors Grey, black, camo brown or green, crotch walnut or
 standard walnut.
Features B&C sling system or Uncle Mike's, checkering, recoil pad
Comments Extra charge for: Recoil lug for calibers.375 & above, Left
 Hand, LOP, or barrel channel work. New stocks available
 soon: BAR and pre 1981 Remington 760.
MSRP $139.95-$149.95 (rifle), $124.95 (two-piece rifle)$109.95
 (shotgun). Circle Number 424

E.C. Bishop & Son Company # of Models Over 150 guns can be stocked with over 60 different variations.
Material Woods and wood laminates.
Finish Unsanded to finished or finished and checkered (epoxy
 or glossfinish).
Colors Seven grades of wood plus three laminates.
Features Grip cap & recoil pad or butt plate depending on model
Comments LH cheekpiece at no extra charge.
MSRP $330 - $550 (rifle), $205-$415(two-piece rifle)$285-$509(shotgun).
 Circle Number 425

Brown Precision Custom Prefinished Gunstock
# of Models Over 35 different models.
Material Hand laid fiberglass & composite laminate over a solid
 fiberglass core.
Finish Textured urethane, non-reflective & abrasion resistant
Colors Grey (colors & camo available at extra cost).
Features Uncle Mike's QD studs, recoil pad, and bedding
Comments Video on bedding available for rental or purchase.
 Weighs only 24-26 oz.
MSRP $270-$338. Circle Number 426

Butler Creek Classic Series Stocks
# of Models 5 - Mark X & Mauser 98 (2), folding stocks for 10/22s &
 Minis (3).
Material Molded polymer.
Finish Satin & textured -- non-glare, folding stocks have stain
 less or black metal.
Colors Black.
Features QD swivel studs, raised checkering & removable butt
 plate included.
Comments Butt plate can be replaced by a recoil pad.
MSRP $110-$125 (rifle), $83.50-$93.95 (Ruger rifles).
 Circle Number 427

Clifton Arms Classic Stocks
# of Models Standard (2 styles) & heavy for 12 rifle models.
Material Fiberglass, Kevlar & Graphite bonded with vinylester resin.
Finish Matte gelcoat.
Colors Black (other colors are optional at $25 extra).
Features QD sling studs and Pachmayr pad are standard. The
 Clifton Bipod is an option. Clifton has a "lipped" barrel
 channel that can accommodate ultra through varmint
 barrels. Trimming allows versatility in fit.
Comments No extra charge for different length of pull. Many
 options available.
MSRP $279. Circle Number 428

Reinhart Fajen Pre-fit rifle & Shotgun Stocks
# of Models 5 stock styles, 4 grades of wood.
Material Woods & wood laminates.
Finish Moisture-resistant lacquer-type.
Colors 3 grades and laminates.
Features 3/4" Pachmayr recoil pad.
Comments Largest wood stock supplier to the consumer market.
MSRP $54-$235. Circle Number 429

Fiberpro System 3 Stocks
# of Models 9 stock models for 10 rifles.
Material Graphite epoxy receiver section and Flexcore polymer
 butt stocks and forends.
Finish non-glare molded-in.
Colors Grey or black.
Features Recoil pad & QD stud.
Comments Three piece stock allowing nine different combinations.
 LH or RH receiver section is mated with either classic,
 Monte Carlo or E-2 stocks and classic, standard or
 varmint/benchrest forfends.
MSRP $139.98 for the set, $54.95 for receiver or butt stock and
 $24.95 for the forends. Circle Number 430

H-S Precision Pro-Series Stocks
# of Models 10 models for Remington 700, 4 for XP-100 & 1 each for
 600/660 & 40X.
Material Kevlar, fiberglass & graphite & epoxy resins filled with
 polyurethane foam. A 7075-T6 aluminum bedding insert
 is molded into the stock.
Finish Urethane-based coating, non-reflective, non-slip baked-on.
Colors Black, grey, olive drab, brown or camo
Features QD studs, black recoil pad.
Comments No bedding is required, stocks are warranted for life.
MSRP $235(pistol), $260(rifle)$485 (sniper). Circle Number 431

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks Custom Drop-In Stocks
# of Models 81 actions listed, 50 stock models including XP-100 & 10
 LH models.
Material Epoxy impregnated, high-pressure laminated fiberglass
 cloths and chopped glass strands.
Finish Rubber-coated or 9-oz. flannel (quiet stocks), or
 polyurethane paint. Standard colors are molded into the stock.
Colors Black, grey, olive drab, brown or camo, REALTREE [R] or
 TREEBARK [R] patterns are available on the Quiet stock.
Features QD studs, recoil pad (Decelerator pad $10), some stocks
 available with checkering.
Comments No bedding is required, stocks have a 100% warranty,
 satisfaction is guaranteed. Supplier of stocks to
 Winchester, Weatherby, Sako & others.
MSRP $265. Circle Number 432

MPI Superfit Fiberglass Stocks
# of Models 4 styles for over 40 different actions.
Material Fiberglass.
Finish Molded-in color with lacquer enamel, wrinkle paint or epoxy.
Colors Black, brown, grey, green or O.D. camo.
Features Survival storage option, hinged butt pad option for survival
 stock, barrel channel is easily relieved for larger barrels.
Comments Bedding is not required but is recommended.
MSRP $151-$195. Circle Number 433

Ram-Line Syn-Tech Stocks
# of Models 28 models, 2 styles.
Material Injection molded polymer.
Finish Non-glare, checkered.
Colors Black & Wood-Tech [TM] (woodgrain photo-laminate process)
Features Uncle Mike's QD studs, adjustable sling & recoil pad.
 Some LH stocks available.
Comments No bedding is required but can be if desired. Stock can
 be easily painted.
MSRP $117.97-$147.97. Circle Number 434

Six Enterprises Second Generation Stocks
# of Models 1 style for 8 Remington actions & 5 Ruger rifles. 1 style for
 3 Remington shotguns.
Material Injection molded polypropylene (NORYL [R]).
Finish Molded in.
Colors Black & brown.
Features QD studs (only on buttstock on shotguns), black recoil pad
 is molded in. Six Enterprises Second Generation Stocks.
Comments No bedding is required, spot bedding is recommended as
 necessary. Six supplies Remington with the 700AS and
 shotgun polypropylene stocks.
MSRP $114 (any stock). Circle Number 435

PHOTO : B & C's crotch walnut pattern (top) and leaf camo patterns are popular sellers providing appearance and utility even after years of use.

PHOTO : Bishop stocks are available in both wood and wood laminate designs. The laminated stock (above) is popular and very stable. Thin wood laminations provide ridgidity and beauty in a wood stock.

PHOTO : Brown Precision stocks are sent out with their own bedding kit. Even the novice can learn how to bed with the video that Brown rents or sells.

PHOTO : The Interarms Mark X and Mauser 98 have an excellent injection-molded stock that is tough and easy to install.

PHOTO : Clifton is the only company offering an "adjustable" barrel channel lip that allows varying barrel widths to be used; ultra-light through varmint styles.

PHOTO : Fajen offers four grades of wood in five different stock styles providing maximum flexibility when looking for your customer's stock.

PHOTO : Clifton Arms offers a bonus option that no one else can! The Clifton Bipod conceals itself in the forend when not in use. This $99 option does add a little extra weight, but provides an invaluable function for the varmint hunter or plains hunter needing a rest.

PHOTO : The classic buttstock (shown) is complimented by Monte Carlo and E2 buttstocks. The schnabel, bench rest and classic forends allow nine combinations.

PHOTO : H-S Precision uses a built-in bedding block to give a solid foundation for the action.

PHOTO : McMillan is the "King of Composites" with over 80 actions that can be fitted and over 50 models. A quiet stock is also offered in popular patterns.

PHOTO : MPI stocks can have a hinged buttplate hiding survival supplies for the hunt or a standard buttplate. They are easily adapted for variations in models or barrel sizes.

PHOTO : Ram-Line (below) is offered in two different styles. The black stock sports a pebbled finish and the Wood-Tech [TM] (shown here). They also offer a handy POP display for generating customer sales in your shop.

PHOTO : Distributor pricing on the Six stocks could allow almost a 50% margin. Dealer pricing allows a 30% margins making stocks profitable!
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