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Zero Defect Production Line introduced.

Fuji Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Chiryu, Japan) and ViTechnology, LLC (Haverhill, MA) announce the Zero Defect Production Line--the result of a joint technology development started in 2001. This program began when a mutual customer was assigned a manufacturing project to create a production environment with product quality and first pass yield not otherwise available in the market. The customer needed to find suppliers and partners with the resources to perform necessary research, development and testing for such a manufacturing tool.

The new production line includes two Fuji CP-742E and QP-341E-MM placement machines and three ViTechnology Vi-5000 systems--all connected by Fuji's proprietary Fujitrax management software. In this assembly line, the stencil printer is followed by, and directly connected to, a Vi-5000 system that provides data to the printer, allowing the printer to either correct process settings or to inform an operator when corrective action must be taken. The second and third Vi-5000 systems are located after the two Fuji CP-742E chip placement machines and QP-341 E-MM fine pitch placement machines.
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Date:Jun 1, 2002
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