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Zero 'New Blood' video premiere San Diego, CA / April 1, 2005.

WITH TEAMS JUMPING every which way, pant sizes fluctuating wildly, and competition coming in the until-now-unheard-of form of eight dollar swap-meet Wet Willys that fell off the back of the last shipment from China, a hardcore skateboard company has to be on its fuckin' toes to keep its head above water. Jamie Thomas knows. Shit, why do you think he keeps those kids so damn busy? His latest, New Blood, premiered before anybody knew it was even coming. Forget the two-year advertising lead-ins, the new shit's coming in sneak attack. I attended the event with two ex-Zero legends and we cheered on the new guys, including Whittier's Tony Cervantes, as they dismantled obstacle after obstacle with traditional Zero fury, but with a noticeably more eclectic attack pattern. Pools, banks and ditches blended with conventional rails and hubbas as the boys sailed past. Allie, Brockman, Thomas, Hill and Sandoval all warmed up for the incredible Chris Cole and shit, you know what he did. Free posters are awesome.

--Don Taco
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Title Annotation:TRASH
Date:Jul 1, 2005
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