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Zered Bassett: isn't into poetry. (Heads_Bassett).

What's Triple C?

Cape Code Crew, me and my boys. Little group to keep us together, you know. We always skate together and hang out together; it's tight.

Who's Doctor Z?

Dr Z is just one of my many personalities. I don't know how to break it down. It's just a nickname, pretty much.

Who's Brian Smith?

Brian Smith is another one of my personalities. When I feel like going out and getting into clubs that are 21+, I just turn into Brian Smith and go out.

Who's the party animal, Zered or Brian Smith?

Well, Zered is a true party animal, but Brian Smith makes it so I can be a party animal. So people know me as Brian Smith.

How did you get the name Leprechaun?

One night Brian Smith was out on the town; we were in Houston. I just danced around and disappeared into this crowd of people. Lance Dawes said "What's up with the dancing Leprechaun?"

What happend in Tampa with the paintballs?

Well, I got the idea from my friend Billy Marks to get a slingshot and paintballs. It ended up being a good idea and also a bad idea, 'cause I ended up having to pay $200 for a room in Tampa--there were paintballs everywhere. I mean, everywhere, and broken glass; it was a mess.

Was it fun?

Shit yeah.

Would you do it again?

Hell yeah.

Is there a similarity between you and Bart Simpson?

A lot of people say that. I hope so--that dude's ill, man... Fuckin' causes a lot of trouble. He's a little punk like me.

What do think of the term "super am?"

Little ams skating around with capes on? I don't know.

How do you feel about older women?

More experience--they know what they're doing. They're great.

What's the difference between a donkey and a barrel?


What's up with the East Coast tattoo?

East Coast is where it's at.

Lambskin or latex?


Cracker Barrel or McDonald's?

Cracker Barrel's got the ill egg-in-a-basket breakfast and McDonald's has the good, cheap Mac Meals. Shelby can tell you about that. I've got to say Cracker Barrel.

Happy Meal toys or Cracker Barrel puzzles?

Cracker Barrel puzzles all the way.

Per diem or photo incentive?

Photo incentive.

Low ledge or high handrail?

I don't give a fuck.

Cheech and Chong or Jay and Silent Bob?

Cheech and Chong.

Redbull or vodka?

Redbull and vodka, son.

How did you get on Zoo?

RB saw footage of me, then I was in a contest and Burton Smith was there and he told Jeff about me. I finally went on a tour with them and after that I was on.

How are the Zoo tours different from the Sixteen tours?

Instead of being around a bunch of little kids, I'm around a bunch of derelict dudes.

Can you play ice hockey better than Mike V?

I'm probably going to get my ass kicked for saying this, but I think so.

Who would win in a game of skate?

No comment.

Who recites better poetry, Dr Z or Mike V?

Dude, I'm gonna get my ass kicked. Dr Z isn't into poetry. Dr Z is a philosopher.

Who do you want to call out?

I really don't want to call out anybody 'cause I don't want to get on anybody's bad side. I'm not that kind of person, but I just want to say to all the shit talkers out there that you suck, and you know who you are.

How do you feel about East Coast people hating on other East Coasters?

If there's anybody who skates for the East Coast that hates on it, you're a piece of shit and you suck--not at skating, you suck in general.

Do you think that person knows who he is?

I hope so.

Do you think you could win in a fight against that person?


Shouts out?

Thanks to my mom and my dad, brother, whole family, everybody that helped me get to where I am right now. To all my sponsors and the Triple C for holdin' it down for me when I'm not around, and I'm sure there're plenty of people I left out, but that's 'cause I've got a bad memory and I can't think of everybody at once. It's too much for my little mind.
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Author:Rohan, Billy
Date:Feb 1, 2003
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