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Zeosoft Technology Group Announces: 'ZeoText Alert Services,' Delivering Complex Alert Processing and Data Access Capabilities to Low-End Phones.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Zeosoft(TM) Technology Group Inc., a pioneer of mobile infrastructure software and application development technologies, announced today the availability of its ZeoText Alert Services(TM) that supports text and SMS for complex alert processing with data access and command capabilities from cellular phones of limited footprint. ZeoText Alert Services allows businesses and individuals to create and send alerts, perform database searches and updates, initiate business processes, and schedule events such as third-party reminders using messaging, e-mail, or text to speech synthesis for handicapped recipients.

"The mobile text messaging and alert market has evolved beyond simple Web site-based alerts currently provided by the market. The next generation of alert messaging has to support the interpretation of a command that invokes a database transaction, business process, or workflow action," said Mike Huestis, president and CTO of Zeosoft Technology Group. "This elevates the cell phone from a simple voice communication and entertainment device to a real data device, participating in complex processes and interacting with all manner of computing systems. Together, ZeoText Alert Services and Zeosoft's Mobile Alert will bring a whole new range of functionality to cell phones that will impact the way individuals conduct their daily business and the way companies compete in the marketplace."

ZeoText Alert Services includes a command interpreter which incorporates a grammar used to create sets of easily scripted business rules. It reads and parses messages and invokes actions such as: starting or stopping a process on a device or computer; searching or updating a database; engaging GPS (Global Positioning System) awareness where available; or sending a simple notification, alert or announcement that requires an action.

ZeoText Alert Services can invoke sophisticated computation and business logic to automate back-end processes, provide a tracking log and schedule messages/commands. ZeoText Alert Services is carrier and device independent and can also provide a secure P2P platform to enable a wide variety of mobile data management applications.

ZeoText Alert Services is ideal for businesses in any vertical market. Alerts and messaging commands can be used to track when a job is started and completed by a field technician; track the progress of a truck or goods in motion; communicate to surveillance personnel for perimeter control; market to customers with time-sensitive offers; consolidate daily sales figures from multiple businesses or individuals; and send urgent or important notifications, alerts and reminders to remote workers, customers or patients. Businesses can improve response time to resolve issues quickly; efficiently send alert messages out to groups of individuals; and track and report an action more readily.

About Zeosoft Technology Group Inc.

Zeosoft Technology Group Inc., a pioneer of mobile infrastructure software and application development technologies in Java, provides enterprise development, OTA provisioning, and remote administration, for enterprises to deploy mobility applications that operate as an extension of an enterprise or as P2P On Demand Mobile Server Networks(TM). Built on an open environment, Zeosoft's ZeoSphere(TM) XR platform creates powerful mobile servers out of handheld devices with all the rights and privileges of an enterprise server. Headquartered in Tampa, Fla. with an office in Scottsdale, Ariz., Zeosoft also creates customized mobility solutions for access control security and asset tracking, mobile inventory management and sales force automation. Visit Zeosoft's Web site at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 10, 2005
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