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Zeiss Diascope 65 T* FL. (Quartermaster).

The renowned firm of Carl Zeiss has just released to the American market a new series of spotting scopes. These are the Diascope 65 and 85 series, available with either straight or angled eyepiece. I've just had the chance to inspect the 65 T* FL, and it is a magnificent piece of glass.

The Diascope 65 is the lightest of the series, and weighs a modest 2.4 pounds without eyepiece. I tested it with the superb 15x -- 45x Zeiss variable magnification eyepiece. With this mounted, the unit still weighs only 3.25 pounds. Physical size is right in line for a hunter's spotting scope at 15 inches with eyepiece mounted.

Inside are all the quality features you expect from Zeiss. The lenses are high-definition fluoride glass, and the objective lens surfaces are coated with the proprietary Zeiss T* anti-reflective coating for the highest possible light transmission. Outside, there are a number of features you'll appreciate.

The focus is via two small rollers -- one for coarse and the second for fine focus. The eyepiece is quickly and easily affixed with a three point bayonet mount. The telescope's mounting platform is affixed to a collar that rotates to seven distinct points, allowing you to position the focus controls ideally for right- or left-hand use. A self-contained lens shade, slip-resistant grip points and roll-proof rubber feet are just a few of the other notable features.

Lack of space prevents me from describing just how wonderfully this instrument performed. Suffice to say that the resolving power and light gathering capabilities are extraordinary. While glassing across a canyon behind my home, my "pet" covey of quail came out to feed. They were perhaps 18 feet distant, and I was surprise to find that the Diascope would bring them into crisp focus at that short distance. Watching them through the Zeiss was like holding them in the palm of my hand -- I could study every detail.

The Zeiss Diascope spotting scopes are truly superior optical instruments.


Carl Zeiss Sports Optics

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Author:Gardner, Jim
Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Sep 1, 2002
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