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Zeba Biodegradable Soil Enhancer Reduces Water Needs, Grows Healthier Plants; Groundbreaking, Natural Way to Manage Water and Nutrients Now Available for Gardens and Lawns.

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- Homeowners and gardeners now have an answer to many of their ongoing watering concerns.

The most advanced starch-based superabsorbent soil amendment is now available for houseplants, shrubs, lawns and a variety of home and gardening uses. Zeba(TM) soil enhancer absorbs and releases moisture and nutrients repeatedly, like a sponge, as needed by plant roots. The result is more vigorous growth and healthier plants, indoors and out, all year long.

Originally available in early 2005 for agriculture and turf applications, Zeba's early success in lawn and garden uses and increased demand in several drought-stricken markets have prompted Beaverton, Ore.-based Absorbent Technologies, Inc. (ATI) to speed up Zeba's consumer introduction. Zeba is now available to lawn and garden enthusiasts this spring directly through the company's web site at

USDA Development

Holders of Zeba's patent are the father-and-son team of William Doane, Ph.D., who developed the concept used for Zeba during his 32-year tenure with the United States Department of Agriculture, and Steven Doane, a chemist who helped further develop Zeba. Both are advisors to ATI.

The original USDA technology was the springboard for several consumer and industrial products. ATI's founder, Milan H. Savich, saw an opportunity in agriculture and gardening, and worked with the USDA to develop Zeba as a starch-based, biodegradable moisture delivery system that is also natural and environmentally safe.

How it works

Each small particle can absorb up to 400 times its weight in water, then release and reabsorb water repeatedly as needed by the plant, remaining effective for a year or more. With water readily available to the plant, heat and water stress is reduced, allowing the plant to devote its energy to producing larger fruit, vegetables and blooms. Zeba's 'bound water' does not cause an oversaturation of water around the root structure, which can be damaging to plant roots. Because Zeba reduces the leaching of water and chemicals into the soil, less inputs are needed which promotes more responsible gardening.

Repeated independent testing over seven years has shown Zeba significantly accelerates seedling emergence and strengthens stand establishment, resulting in consistent growth and higher-quality plants with less water and reduced inputs. The expansion and contraction of each particle in response to water availability and demand helps aerate the soil, providing more oxygen to the plant's root system. Zeba also helps thicken lawns while minimizing dry, brown spots.

Just a small amount of Zeba helps houseplants thrive with less water and fewer waterings. Zeba holds moisture longer when added to potting mix in rapidly drying planter boxes, containers and hanging baskets.

Flexible application methods and multiple uses make Zeba an ideal solution for home lawns, gardens and houseplants. Zeba can be applied:

--with seeds at planting for improved germination;

--to the soil in potted plants and containers for a healthier environment;

--around the root structure of new transplants;

--to the soil for greater survivability of new sod and

--as a liquid gel for root dipping.

Green thumb made easy

"Although lawn and garden enthusiasts are often willing to spend the time and resources to water their plants, simple barriers such as local watering restrictions, family vacations and busy work schedules make it difficult to stay on top of basic watering needs," says Savich.

"Since we can't always count on Mother Nature to provide the perfect amount of moisture for plants when needed, Zeba can provide the peace of mind and consistent performance gardeners and homeowners want in their quest for beautiful lawns, shrubs and houseplants," Savich adds.

Patti Sullivan and her family maintain a 2000-square-foot vegetable garden in Portland, Ore. They used Zeba in 2004, and were overwhelmed with the results. "What a difference it made. Put simply -- I put in less work, less water, and came out with at least twice the produce. I only had to water my garden one-third as much as in previous years," said Sullivan. "Our tomato plants took up twice as much room, we had triple the cucumbers as before and our pumpkins ended up in every friend's home I could think of because we had so many."

Sullivan also had success with plants and landscaped areas, adding, "We also used Zeba to do a significant amount of landscaping with large plants, hanging baskets and flowers. I am happy to say that all plants and flowers took to their new location and are thriving."

About Absorbent Technologies, Inc.

Absorbent Technologies, Inc. (ATI), based in Beaverton, Ore., develops and manufactures starch-based soil amendments that help improve quality and yield for all types of plants, with less water and more efficient use of other inputs.

Under its Zeba(TM) brand, ATI has developed multiple formulations and applications for agriculture, the turf and ornamental market, the nursery industry, and home lawns and gardens.

ATI's first commercial product is Zeba soil amendment, a product concept that was created initially by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) researchers and has been further developed by ATI. The company continues its exclusive cooperative research and development relationship with USDA. ATI began large-scale commercial manufacturing of Zeba in 2004 at company-owned facilities in Albany, Ore.

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Date:Apr 26, 2005
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