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Zarr, Sara. Story of a girl.

ZARR, Sara. Story of a girl. Read by the author. 4 cds. 4.75 hrs. Listening Library. 2007/2008. $38.00. Vinyl; plot, author notes. S*

From the January 2007 KLIATT review of the book: "Deanna Lambert is a girl with a past. Ever since she was caught by her father having sex in the backseat of a car, her life has become a high school joke. The event not only haunts her but also defines who she is. Now that summer is here, Deanna is looking for a job that will give her enough money to help her brother and his wife and daughter to move out of a difficult home situation, taking her with them. The only job she can get is one working in a pizza parlor with Tommy, the high school boy from the backseat. Her brother Darren and his wife have a falling out and Deanna is caught in the middle. Deanna's friends Lee and Jason provide support and encouragement, but she is uncomfortable in the middle of that relationship as well. In one weak moment she goes out with Tommy and almost becomes the girl in the high school joke. Instead she channels her frustrations, forgives Tommy and is finally able to put the past behind her. As the novel ends, Deanna is nervously preparing for the new school year. This is a gritty story of a girl trying to reclaim herself in a world that has already written her story for her. Her determination, however, provides an example of what it takes to survive. Her father's displeasure and distrust are palpable and the tension in Deanna's life threatens to break her, but she steps up, makes some tough decisions and starts to define who she really is." Zarr's reading of her own book enhances the listening experience. With an intimacy that will give listeners a deeper sense of Zarr's vision for her characters, the poignancy of Deanna's story is felt clearly and intensely. Listeners will feel the heartbreak, shame, self-doubt, and ultimate hope for forgiveness that Deanna experiences. The same can be said for all of the characters, with each personality brought fully to life with distinct tones and moods. The sharpness of some of the most pivotal scenes will leave listeners gasping. A remarkable audio that upholds the standard set by this National Book Award finalist. Stephanie Squicciarini, Teen Svcs Libn, Fairport PL, Fairport, NY
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Author:Squicciarini, Stephanie
Article Type:Brief article
Date:Nov 1, 2008
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