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Zanfel Laboratories Inc.

Zanfel Laboratories Inc., P.O. Box 349, Morton, Ill. 61550

Phone: (800) 401-4002

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Key contact: Jim Phillips, president

MORTON, Ill. -- For Zanfel Laboratories, manufacturer of the breakthrough product Zanfel Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac Wash, the beginning of a new year means that it is time to prepare for the summer season, when poison ivy is at its worst and Zanfel's retail partners see their best returns.

"Since poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac are present in many parts of the country year-round, our product is always available," says Zanfel president Jim Phillips. "However, we also know that the height of the season is Memorial Day through Labor Day.

"We like to use this time of year to prepare for the peak season by working with retailers to gain additional product distribution and to map out strategies that will increase brand recognition and help drive sales during those key summer months."

Since entering the retail market over three years ago, Zanfel's product has become the No. 1 poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac wash in the anti-itch category, according to Information Resources Inc. data that includes sales through drug stores, supermarkets and discount stores (excluding Wal-Mart Stores Inc.) for the 52 weeks ended October 31, 2004. Zanfel officials believe that the efficacy of the product, together with the fact that it is supported by targeted marketing programs and offers healthy profit margins to retailers, has been primarily responsible for this rapid growth.

Zanfel is currently distributed through such large national chains as Albertsons Inc., CVS Corp., Rite Aid Corp. and Walgreen Co., as well as through Eckerd stores and many independent pharmacies nationwide. The product is also distributed through wholesalers.

To get ready for the upcoming season, Zanfel is focusing its distribution efforts on discount stores and supermarkets. Marketing efforts, meanwhile, are being concentrated on reaching consumers as well as medical professionals who are in a position to recommend the product.

Zanfel plans to reach these professional and consumer audiences through a multipronged program comprising continuing education grants as well as advertising and public relations campaigns.

Zanfel is committed to informing both pharmacists and physicians that its wash is the first solution ever to actually remove the toxin urushiol--which is found in poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac--from the skin any time after exposure, providing almost immediate relief for their patients.

To put a face and personality to its brand, Zanfel will feature Robyn Benincasa, a World Eco-Challenge champion and the captain of Team Merrell-Zanfel, as the cornerstone of its 2005 consumer advertising and public relations campaigns.

"As an extreme sports enthusiast, firefighter and professional adventure racer who got poison ivy or oak 12 times last year, I consider myself an expert on the subject," Benincasa says. "I am thrilled to help promote a product that has brought me relief and to help spread the word that there is a solution to poison ivy, oak and sumac outbreaks."

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Date:Feb 7, 2005
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