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Zane Lamprey of "Three Sheets" to Lead Fans on "ZaneCrawl".

LOS ANGELES -- Zane Lamprey, host of the cult sensation "Three Sheets," on the MOJO HD channel, will be leading 100 of his most loyal fans on ZaneCrawl, a private, weekend-long pub-crawl visiting "international" drinking establishments in two major U.S. cities.

Sponsored by Patron Tequila, VeeV, Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery, DH Krahn Gin, DRAFT Magazine, World Poker Tour, BEER NUTS Brand Snacks, Goodbye Hangovers, VidaTea and, ZaneCrawl will take place bi-coastally, first in Los Angeles from March 14-16 and then in New York City from April 25-27. It will visit "international" establishments to mirror the worldly drinking experiences that Lamprey has encountered. For a fee, which includes food, drinks, hotel, transportation, a stellar gift bag and the added benefit of hanging out with one of their favorite celebrities, participants will join Lamprey as he shares the knowledge, stories, drinking games and customs that he's learned while traveling abroad. He'll answer questions, take photos, and throw back his share of drinks.

As the unofficial ambassador to the international drinking world, Lamprey has imbibed and devoured his way through over 40 countries while shooting episodes of "Three Sheets." He's acquired not only a full passport, but a wealth of knowledge about eating and drinking customs from all around the world. He's enjoyed the finest Champagnes, oldest Scotches, and most expensive beers. He's downed booze strong enough to unclog a drain, danced with the green fairy (Absinthe), and bathed in a tub of beer... Point being; Lamprey not only knows how to drink, he knows a lot about what he's drinking-- and eating.

Lamprey's popular "Three Sheets" series on MOJO HD has just been renewed for a new season, and will premiere nationally on April 10, 2008 with all new episodes taking him to exotic locations around the world including Bangkok, Gibraltar, Chile, Moscow, Copenhagen, Rio de Janeiro and many more.

For more information on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, visit or
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 5, 2008
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