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From the Files, Some Fraudulent "Beauties". Dec 13, 2020 1305
No Harm, No Foul When Instruction Error Favorable to Defendant: Podiatrist Jailed for Participation in Kickback Scheme Prescribing Compounded Medications Solely to Obtain Kickbacks. Nov 15, 2020 1279
Pandemic or Not, Serious Insurance Fraud Criminal Must Serve the Sentence: Attempt to Avoid Sentence Because Of Pandemic by Insurance Criminal Fails. Sep 1, 2020 805
Arsonist Did the Crime and Must Serve the Time: Arson-For-Profit That Caused Death of Firefighter Results In 360 Months in Federal Prison. Jul 1, 2020 1446
False Statement on Life Insurance Application Voids Coverage: Lie on Application Causes Beneficiary One Million. Jun 22, 2020 1120
Insurance Fraud Is Epidemic: Convictions for Insurance Fraud. May 31, 2020 1313
Fraud Steals estimated $87 Billion from Insurers: Real Cases Underline Duplicity. Apr 26, 2020 1383
Advising an Insurer of a Claim When Insurance Obtained by Fraud is a Crime: Conviction Affirmed Against the best Wishes of the Appellate Court. Apr 13, 2020 1354
Why a Policyholder Must Fulfill all Conditions before Filing Suit: Failure to Submit to EUO Abates Lawsuit. Mar 20, 2020 1447
The Insured Signs the Proof of Loss not the Public Adjuster--Beware! Fraud by Public Adjuster Imputed to Insured. Feb 24, 2020 1281
Fifth Amendment Doesn't Apply to a Plaintiff's Suit: Fear of Arson Arrest Not Basis for Refusing to Testify. Feb 10, 2020 945
As Evil as They Can Be, a Racoon Can Never Be a Vandal: Court Refuses to Allow Pro Se Plaintiff to Annoy Court. Jan 1, 2020 1331
Insurance Criminals are Relentless Even After They are Jailed: Court Refuses to Allow Pro Se Plaintiff to Annoy Court. Dec 1, 2019 1291
No Coverage for Fraudulent Insurance Claim: Staged Collision not an Accident. Nov 25, 2019 838
Failure to Advise Insurer of Potential Claim Defeats Coverage: Lawyer Must Report All "Potential" Claims of Malpractice When Applying for E&O Insurance. Oct 14, 2019 1378
Assault & Battery Exclusion Prohibits Coverage for Defense. Oct 1, 2019 1453
Intentional Acts, Domestic Abuse and False Imprisonment Excluded: No Excuse, No Coverage, for Intentional and Criminal Abusive Conduct. Sep 30, 2019 1371
Insurer's Actions So Wrong Court Finds Bad Faitn as a Matter of Law: Summary Judgment Entered for Insured finding Insurer's Conduct Tortious Bad Faith. Aug 19, 2019 1582
A Binder is an Insurance Contract: Once Coverage is Bound Cancellation Requires Compliance with Statutory Requirements. Jul 29, 2019 1127
No Damage, No Case or Controversy, No Right to Sue in Federal Court: Assignee has no more Right to Sue than Assignor. Jul 1, 2019 1026
Why is it not Obvious that a Motocross Raceway is Not a Home? Liability Policy Limited to Insured Residence Premises. Jun 10, 2019 1306
The Four Corners Rule Strikes Again to Require Defense Not Owed: Careful Pleading Requires Defense When Evidence Does Not. May 27, 2019 1345
No Good Deed by an Insurer Goes Unpunished: Recommendation of Contractor by Insurer not Employment of Contractor. May 13, 2019 1473
Insurance Policies Must Be Read as They are Written: "Arise out of " or "Relate in Any Way". Apr 29, 2019 1641
Ignoring an Administrative Order is Expensive: 1011 Fake Claims Results in more than $500,000 Penalty. Apr 15, 2019 1481
Arbitration Awards Need Abuse to Be Overturned: Arbitrators have Substantial Discretion to Determine the Scope of Their Contractual Authority to Fashion Remedies. Mar 25, 2019 1416
Fall from Cherry on Top But No Cake: Business Exclusion Clear and Enforceable. Mar 11, 2019 1324
Attempt to Save Premium is Costly to Insured: Living in New Jersey but Insured in Florida is Fraud. Feb 25, 2019 1039
If You Do the Crime You Must Do the Time: Guilty Of Disability Fraud. Feb 11, 2019 833
A Clear and Unambiguous Exclusion Cant Beat a Great Lawyer: Bar Negligent for not Seeking Arrest of Drunk & Disorderly Customer. Jan 28, 2019 1640
Contra Proferentum Does Not Apply, to a Clear and Unambiguous Policy: No Coverage Before Policy In Effect. Jan 14, 2019 913
Private Limitations of Action Provision Enforced: Ninth Circuit Affirms Summary Judgment Because Suit Was Filed Too Late. Dec 24, 2018 841
Agent Who Kept Premium Owed to Zurich, Loses at Ninth Circuit: Agent Defrauds Insurer by Not Remitting Premium Collected. Nov 26, 2018 1046
No "Occurrence" in Ohio for Contractor's or Sub-Contractor's Defective Work: An "Occurrence" Must Be Fortuitous. Nov 12, 2018 1735
Forge a Certificate of Insurance--Guilty of Crime: Certificate of Insurance Has Legal Efficacy. Oct 29, 2018 1404
Mother, Don't Let Your Child Become an Adjuster in Washington State: Statute Makes Individual Adjuster Liable for Tort of Bad Faith. Oct 15, 2018 1362
Failure to Exceed SIR Releases the Excess Insurers: No Cover Available from Excess and Umbrella Policies. Sep 24, 2018 1001
Insurance Fraud to Gain Thousands of Free Cell Phones: Creative Criminal Gets 57 Months in Prison. Sep 10, 2018 1225
List Your Owned Auto on Policy or Be Self-Insured: Auto Must Be Identified on Policy to Provide Coverage. Aug 20, 2018 1055
Spousal Abuse Can Never Be an Accident: There is no Right to Beat Your Girlfriend and Get Defense from your Insurer. Jul 23, 2018 1541
A Contract of Insurance is a Binding Contract: Appellate Court May Not Rewrite Insurance Policy. Jun 25, 2018 1348
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Fourth Circuit Stops Asbestos Bleeding After Aggregate Limit is Exhausted. May 28, 2018 1690
Sham Affidavit Fails to Defeat Summary Judgment: Insured May Not Lie to Avoid Summary Judgment. May 14, 2018 1523
Sham Affidavit Fails to Defeat Summary Judgment: Insured May Not Lie to Avoid Summary Judgment. Apr 30, 2018 1521
Insurance Contract Interpreted as Written. Apr 9, 2018 1635
Why Labor Must Be Depreciated to Find ACV: Materials and Labor Depreciate to Reach Actual Cash Value. Mar 26, 2018 1598
Failure to Sue Promptly Destroys Bad Faith Suit: Failure to Sue Within Policy's Limitation Provision Fatal to Suit. Mar 12, 2018 1454
Proof of Mailing Sufficient to Effect Cancellation: Court Trusts the United States Postal Service. Feb 26, 2018 992
Insurance Policy Exclusion Must Be Enforced: Public Policy Only Applies if it Injuriously Affects a Material and Substantial Part of the Public. Feb 11, 2018 1221
Fraud Scheme Fails: Performing Expensive Unnecessary Test for Insured and Not for Uninsured is Fraud. Jan 1, 2018 1424
Chiropractors Cannot Own & Control Medical Practice: "Doc-in-the-Box" Scheme Defeated. Aug 21, 2017 1723
Appropriate to Effect "Force-Placed Insurance": Pay Your Mortgage and Keep Insurance or Lose. Jul 24, 2017 892
FBI Finds Insurance Frauds. Jun 26, 2017 817
Arson-for-Profit Fails--Life in Prison Without Parole. May 29, 2017 1513
Pay before accident to reinstate cancelled policy; no excuse for failure to timely pay premium. Apr 10, 2017 1567
Ownership not required to have an insurable interest: every interest in property where a peril may cause damage to the insured is an insurable interest. Mar 27, 2017 1469
Conviction for health care fraud upheld: it is a crime to cheat insurers. Mar 6, 2017 943
Clear & unambiguous language not enough: latent ambiguity trumps policy wording. Feb 27, 2017 1644
Clear & unambiguous policy language must be enforced: insurer may decide what it wants to insure. Feb 13, 2017 1460
Insurance companies have the right to limit coverage in any manner desired: duty to defend limited to time on risk in Louisiana. Jan 30, 2017 1794
Set-up of injured plaintiff fails; Clear and unambiguous exclusion must be applied. Jan 16, 2017 1395
UIM Coverage Not Available for Driver's Negligence: UIM Coverage Only Available When Insured Injured by a Third Party. Nov 30, 2016 1314
Advertising injury requires a fortuitous loss: defendant's business saved by brilliance of insurer. Nov 14, 2016 1686
Georgia refuses to adopt continuous trigger: CGL not limited to insuring injury taking place during the policy period. Oct 31, 2016 1652
Rescission of PIP policy available for fraud: the "innocent third party rule" does not eliminate right to rescind. Oct 17, 2016 1073
Intentional and wrongful eviction not covered: a "wrongful eviction" may or may not be intentional. Sep 26, 2016 1444
Beating a person unconscious is an intentional act: no coverage for barroom attack. Aug 29, 2016 1311
Late notice defense difficult to prove: notice requirement must be clear and unambiguous. Jul 25, 2016 1742
Marine insurance requires insured to exercise uberrimae fidei: insured may not hide material information from a marine insurer. Jun 27, 2016 1932
Intentional acts can't be insured. Jun 13, 2016 1523
Expert witnesses may not testify to legal conclusions: unwise to settle for claimed policy limits without investigating all available coverages and funds. May 31, 2016 1290
Sit on your rights & you will lose them: statutes of limitation serve an important function. May 15, 2016 1291
Damage, not negligent acts, is occurrence: an insured can only kill a child once. Apr 25, 2016 1552
Shooting arises out of use of a vehicle: UIM cover exceedingly broad in Washington state. Apr 11, 2016 1429
The reasons for the EUO: the Examination Under Oath. Mar 28, 2016 1696
Insured's work on properly was clearly excluded: CGL provides no cover for building house on someone else's land. Mar 14, 2016 1236
It's the insureds fault: the duty of an insurance producer is limited in Illinois. Feb 29, 2016 1640
How to lose an insurance coverage case: insured has burden to establish coverage. Jan 25, 2016 750
Accident must "arise out of" the use of auto: nexus to injury required. Jan 11, 2016 1371
How to plead a consumer fraud case for denial of a claim: win some, lose some. Dec 21, 2015 1506
Is breach of contract required for bad faith? Payment of appraisal award fulfills policy promises. Nov 30, 2015 1380
Why a risk manager in Louisiana should be licensed as an agent: risk manager can be liable for failing to provide coverage ordered. Nov 16, 2015 1707
Conviction of murder establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that killing was intentional. Oct 26, 2015 1317
The most difficult problem facing insurers. Oct 12, 2015 1922
Should a signed rejection of UM/UIM cover be ignored? Can an Insurance agent be negligent for not obtaining UM coverage after the insured rejects coverage? Sep 28, 2015 1406
Can murder be accidental? Conviction of murder establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that killing was intentional. Aug 24, 2015 1314
How do you set aside an appraisal award? Umpire must be unbiased. Jul 27, 2015 1137
Does the AIA construction contract avoid litigation? Insured may effectively waive subrogation. Jun 29, 2015 1318
When a customer is not a customer: bankers' bond requires loss to bank's customer. Jun 15, 2015 771
What happens when state formed insurer acts in bad faith? First party bad faith creature of statute in Florida. May 25, 2015 1337
When are intentional acts also accidental? When herbicides destroy crops litigation follows. May 11, 2015 1296
Careful with applications: broker's misrepresentation without knowledge of insured is sufficient for rescission. Apr 27, 2015 1655
Covenant not to execute not a release: claim against broker can be assigned. Apr 13, 2015 1009
Duty to defend not effected by denial of motion for summary judgment: defense can't be avoided by use of limine motions. Mar 31, 2015 1556
Misrepresent material fact--lose coverage: Uberrimae Fidei allows voidance of marine insurance policy. Mar 16, 2015 1787
Mailing is all needed to perfect nonrenewal: agent not required to inform insured of nonrenewal. Feb 18, 2015 1203
It doesn't pay to seek penalties not owed: settlement is only a settlement when agreed to in writing. Feb 9, 2015 1427
Life insurance fraud fails: reinstatement of life policy like new policy. Jan 26, 2015 1446
Polluter must pay: pollution exclusion applies. Dec 1, 2014 1733

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