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Zakat can end poverty.

Arab News

I am an avid reader of Arab News. I enjoy reading most of the articles published in the esteemed daily.

This refers to the article, "Many beggars involved in drugs, prostitution," (July 26) that says: "We will have beggars as long as people give alms and Zakat in a random manner."

It is true. Unless something is done in an organized manner, we will not be able to stop the scourge of poverty and beggary.

The Muslim population in the world is nearly two billion; many of them have enough wealth, given by Allah Almighty, who can easily give Zakat to the needy people every year. Although the poor Muslims outnumber the rich, the huge Zakat funds from the wealth that prosperous people possess can be properly channelized to make it available to the poor. And, if this could be properly managed, I am sure there will not be a single Muslim beggar in the world.

With a lack of reputed organization for organizing the zakat fund, the money sometimes goes to the undeserving people or for wrong causes.

I urge Muslim leaders of the world to establish a global zakat organization, where the fund should be collected and distributed, not only among the poor and the needy individuals but also poor Muslim countries, especially those countries that are hit by natural and man-made calamities.

I request the Saudi leadership that has done some wonderful work for the Muslim world as also for world peace, to take the initiative and form a high-level organization, where all eligible and willing Muslims residing in Saudi Arabia -- both Saudi citizens and the expats -- can donate their Zakat. If successful, it can become a global organization.

I hope with Allah's mercy and good intentions of the multitude of Muslims, we will be able to organize our resources in a proper manner and will be able to wipe out poverty from the Muslim world. -- Prof. Rafiq Siddiqui, Riyadh

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Publication:Arab News (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Date:Jul 28, 2014
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