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Zainab used to recite Salam every Friday, remembers father.

KASUR -- 'After every Friday prayers, when we used to recite Salam on Holy Prophet (PBUH), Zainab would find me in the mosque, everyone in the mosque knows Zainab used to dutifully recite the salam in the mosque but today there was no Zainab......' Zainab's father who couldn't hold his tears told a private television channel.

The man who lost his minor girl and found it after a week from a rubbish dump, said he thinks that police and the District Police Officer (DPO) Kasur are to blame for Zainab's murder as they did not take timely action despite the fact that relatives provided proofs against the criminal.

'We gave them two videos from CCTV cameras, the one in which he is taking Zainab to some unknown place and the other in which he is coming back from the place. They took the clips and did nothing about it... one can assume that they threw them into the trash can. They should have cordoned off that area, they should have ordered plain clothed policemen to roam the area, if I, as a layman can understand all this, how can they forget to take such measures?' asked Zainab's father Ameen Ansari.

Ameen Ansari lamented that police just lacked will and the intention to arrest the criminal behind these killings.

'If they had the will to arrest the criminal, my Zainab would have been alive and the criminal would have been caught but they (police) just lack humanity, they have forgotten that their children too live here,' lamented Ameen Ansari.

He added that he himself is the witness to police's criminal negligence in the case and they too should be held accountable.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Jan 14, 2018
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