Printer Friendly Announces That Ron Rowland Highlights the Following Funds: Fidelity Select Medical Delivery and Fidelity Capital Appreciation.

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Ron Rowland says that recent pullbacks are part of a correction, and not the beginning of a decline. So there's still plenty of opportunity for investors to use mutual funds to gain higher returns, and this expert has a new recommendation for you. Learn about Fidelity Capital Appreciation (OTC:FDCAX) and Fidelity Select Medical Delivery (OTC:FSHCX). Click here for the full story exclusively on

Here are the highlights from the Featured Expert column:

After a bumpy start Thursday morning, the markets managed to move into positive territory for a brief period, but they simply could not keep up the pace. The market's wishy-washy performance on Thursday had to do with Friday's triple witching options expiration. It used to be that expiration Friday was a day on which the market would experience increased volatility. These days, that heightened uncertainty seems to affect the market a day or two earlier.

Ron Rowland has commented before on the market's lack of ability to follow through to the upside when reacting to good economic news. But the longer-term technical signs are not looking ominous as yet. The market remains in an overall up-trend, and the current pullback is probably just a correction, not the beginning of a decline.

Rowland is recommending the exchange of Fidelity Capital Appreciation (OTC:FDCAX) into Fidelity Select Medical Delivery (OTC:FSHCX). Medical Delivery has been on the rise lately, having begun an up-trend in April of this year. It is currently ranked number two in Rowland's Select fund rankings.

Read all of Ron Rowland's commentary, and don't miss his complete fund rankings by clicking:

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Date:Nov 24, 2003
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