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 FREMONT, Calif., Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Zycad Corp.(R) (NASDAQ: ZCAD) today announced the acquisition of Integrated Circuit Applications Ltd. (InCA), Ascot, United Kingdom. InCA's excellent rapid prototyping and emulation products will strengthen Zycad's strategy to become the world leader in complex electronic system verification solutions.
 Zycad's strategy is to solve customers' system verification problems through a combination of consulting and engineering services, key value- add technologies, and the integration of other commercially available tools. Zycad's combination of acceleration, emulation and rapid prototyping systems, with design partitioning software and engineering services, will provide users with a unique and cost-effective set of solutions to satisfy their system verification requirements.
 "Our current products and services, combined with InCA's field- proven rapid prototyping and emulation systems, will provide an excellent foundation on which to rapidly grow and expand our business over the next several years," stated Phillips W. Smith, chief executive officer and president of Zycad Corp. "Our existing customers have long recognized the synergy between our services, current product lines and these new high-growth product areas. We believe they will welcome Zycad's single source solution.
 InCA Emulation/Rapid Prototyping Product Offerings
 The current InCA emulation system, the VA-II Logic Emulator, emulates designs up to 120,000 gates where there is a requirement for real time emulation speeds of 16-20 MHz. The product is based on Xilinx 4010 reprogrammable FPGAs. InCA's partitioning software, Concept Silicon, takes a netlist from a Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) system and automatically partitions it across multiple FPGAs, providing device programming data and a manufacturing database for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design. Concept Silicon was designed to minimize the connectivity between FPGAs, while optimizing high gate utilization and system performance that one would only expect to see in a production quality board.
 "Our experience in the rapid prototyping and emulation markets will significantly benefit Zycad in achieving its corporate goal," stated Bijan Kiani, managing director of InCA. "In addition, the combination of our products with Zycad's well established and global direct sales and support staff will open many new opportunities, particularly in rapid prototyping. As part of Zycad, we will develop the best methodologies and solutions, consistent with our customers' needs, to become the dominant supplier of complex electronic systems verifications solutions over the next few years," continued Kiani.
 Zycad's Products and Services
 Zycad has been delivering state-of-the-art simulation acceleration to solve customers' verification problems for over 12 years. The company has a well-established service business to meet the unique needs of its global customer base. InCA's rapid prototyping and emulation products are a natural extension of Zycad's verification solutions and firmly establish Zycad's position to be the standard for verification and complexity management of electronic systems.
 Protocol, Zycad's Services Division, offers consulting, engineering and process management services with an emphasis on complex system verification. Zycad's XP and ViP Product Divisions design, develop and market products for logic, fault and VHDL simulation acceleration, which address ASIC to system simulation. The company has invested heavily in the development of transparent user interfaces from the XP to Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys, Vantage and Viewlogic design environments, as well as in developing ASIC libraries from major ASIC suppliers. "The return on these investments will be further enhanced -- as this development effort and knowledge base is transferable to rapid prototyping and emulation," continued Smith.
 InCA will remain a separate division within Zycad; with Bijan Kiani, as managing director, reporting to Phillips W. Smith.
 NOTE: Zycad Corp. (NASDAQ: ZCAD) offers a full suite of customer solutions that span the entire spectrum of systems verification design problems, from engineering services to rapid prototyping, from simulation acceleration to emulation -- all from one company. These solutions increase engineering productivity, while decreasing product development cycles. Users gain a competitive advantage in terms of product quality and speed-to-market, which translates to greater profitability. Zycad markets its solutions worldwide through direct and indirect sales channels.
 Zycad Corp. is a registered trademark and Protocol, XP and ViP are trademarks of Zycad Corp.
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 /CONTACT: Jo Anne Karns, vice president of marketing of Zycad, 201-989-2939; or Bijan Kiani, managing director of Integrated Circuit Applications, 011-44-344-890-575/

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