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Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) recently launched a new perfume collection 'Asrar by Nasra' created by its member Nasra Yasser Nasser al Maamari.

The launch event was held under the patronage of Khalid Muhammad al Zubair, managing director of The Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp), and was attended by management executives from various public and private organisations and SME support entities, reputable members of society, along with representatives of Z-Corp and Zubair SEC.

Nasra, who founded her company Velvet Touch that specialises in making creams, moisturisers and perfumes, was among the winners of the Zubair SEC's flagship Direct Support Programme (DSP) in 2015.

The young Omani entrepreneur unveiled five fragrances under her perfume label 'Asrar by Nasra': Azal, Yusma, Kiana, Mizdan and Kanz. Inspired by her Omani heritage, Nasra created the wide range of unique Arabic, western and oriental-themed perfumes for men, women and unisex with the help of extensive guidance and advisory she received from Zubair SEC. She also worked alongside Z-Corp experts for art and design inputs, French master perfumers to create the scents, and a Dubai company to manufacture and package the final products in volume for distribution.

For Nasra, it was a complete support story from every point of view, whether it was from design, business planning, feasibility study, product development, contract sealing with the distributor, or taking the product to the market.

Thanks to the significant guidance extended by the centre, Nasra's dream today has become a business reality. Although she is a winner of the DSP from the 2015 batch, the support she got reflects the fact that Zubair SEC's backing for its member is continuous and never stops. The backing Nasra has received from various quarters also validates the fact that endorsement of a reputed SME support entity like Zubair SEC can ensure scalable and sustainable success of a young entrepreneur.

Asrar by Nasra's story is proof on how the perfumery industry in Oman can be taken to the next level. There are many start-ups who make perfumes in Oman, but this product was done on an international scale and completely designed and produced with the engagement of the end customer as a key stakeholder.

Nauzer Nowroji, senior advisor at Zubair SEC, said, 'A successful SME business is built on strong business disciplines, perseverance and patience. Nasra exhibited all the above during her journey in developing her new collection 'Asrar By Nasra' and added 'perfection' as her special ability. The development of the new international quality range of perfume followed a stringent development process including consumer research, brand development, pack testing, high quality manufacturing. Nasra committed herself to ensuring that each stage met high standards of testing required to deliver an excellent range of perfume, designed with Omani tradition and pride.'

Nasra said, 'This launch crowns the efforts that have been ongoing for two years throughout which I created 11 perfume mixes and shared them with more than 50 persons to test and decide on the final five perfumes we launch. The journey wouldn't have been possible without the extensive support and guidance of Zubair SEC team and the extended team at The Zubair Corporation. When I first joined the centre, I had a very humble knowledge in running my project, let alone taking strategic leaps into introducing my own perfume collection build according to international standards. I am privileged to be adopted at Zubair SEC.'
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Publication:Muscat Daily (Muscat, Oman)
Date:Jan 6, 2018

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