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ZOMBIE BLAST; Left 4 Dead version two a bigger and better gore-fest.


LEFT 4 DEAD 2 Reviewed on X360. Also available on PC - pounds 34.99 Review by Lee Busby MARIAH CAREY'S cheesy Christmas classic wasn't quite on the money when it came my festive wish-list. All I wanted for Christmas was Left 4 Dead 2. And, luckily, my brother delivered in spades. Or should I perhaps say chainsaws? I loved the L4D original and Valve have done it again with this monsterpiece.

See what I did there? As the old saying goes "If it ain't broke..." Valve have left the original's sterling gameplay intact, simply adding bigger, tougher levels with fantastic set pieces and a shed-load more weapons.

Anybody who has played the first game and, with three new baddies, playing successfully as the survivors and getting to safety has got a whole lot tougher.

The new levels are great as well. Some are in daylight but the creepiest is the swamp level, which is so atmospheric that you'll shoot at anything that moves. You've been warned.

Overall with the new game modes, (about five in total) weapons and levels, this game is a vast improvement on the first.

This massive gore-fest is for everybody who loves killing zombies and I don't think I know one person who doesn't.

JUST DANCE Wii - pounds 29.99 YOUR reaction to loving or hating Just Dance is likely to equate to either your general enjoyment of dancing or the amount of alcohol you have drunk.

Of course, if you're a precocious child yet to venture near the delights of beer and wine, your youthful over-confidence will no doubt have you grabbing the Wii-mote and shaking it around, mimicking the on-screen silhouettes before dad has had time to say "where's the bottle opener?" And, for the most part, this is an enjoyable party title that certainly improves with more people playing together.

Going solo is a little strange as there is no 'career mode' progression - all 32 songs and all dances are available from the outset.

This is great for diving in and picking a tune to fit your dancing mood, though some gamers may find this limits the overall experience and charting of your progress.

But, then again, half a bottle of wine and who cares? Just shake your booty.

Lads' Lounge talking points SO it's official. Cheryl Cole has been named as the UK's most beddable woman. Who'd have thought? But you'll be shocked by who men choose as the favourite lass to have a pint with.

STILL laughing at Manchester United's early FA Cup exit at the hands of League One Leeds United? Lads' Lounge has been flooded with Red Devils' jokes - much to my frustration.

Some of us have work, you know!

CELEBRITY Big Brother 2010. All the big questions.

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DEAD ZONE... Left 4 Dead 2 is a gaming monster-piece.


DEAD ZONE... Left 4 Dead 2 is a gaming monster-piece.
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