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ZD Net Family is the World's Most Successful Special-Interest
 Online Information Service

NEW YORK, PC EXPO, June 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Ziff-Davis Publishing today announced a new, unified brand name -- ZD Net(TM) -- for all of its online information services about computing. The announcement follows the company's successful launch of the ZD Net/World Wide Web Edition on the Internet, and is in preparation for the forthcoming launch of new services on the AT&T Interchange Online Network(SM) and The Microsoft Network later this year.

Through its Ziff-Davis Interactive division, the company provides special-interest information services focused on computing, using both online and CD-ROM media. The company's pioneering online service, previously known as ZiffNet, provides more than 275,000 members with computing information over CompuServe, PRODIGY, AppleLink and eWorld. The service is world's most successful special-interest online information service and one of the largest overall commercial online services.

"The ZD Net name accurately represents the dramatic growth and expansion of our services over the last few years," said David Shnaider, ZDI's vice president and general manager. "Ziff-Davis -- ZD -- is synonymous with top-quality computing information, and Net represents the worldwide electronic community our members live in today, including commercial online networks and the Internet. When members join ZD Net, they'll know now, more than ever, that they're getting the richest online resource about computing, regardless of how they choose to access it: through the World Wide Web, CompuServe, the Interchange network, The Microsoft Network, or other leading online platforms."

The ZD Net product family includes the following:

ZD Net/CompuServe Edition (formerly ZiffNet) -- the premier online resource about computing. ZD Net/CompuServe Edition features news, information, interactive discussions and downloadable software that help people understand, buy, use and support personal computer products. ZiffNet currently has more than 275,000 members on CompuServe, and Ziff- Davis has been publishing on CompuServe since the mid-1980s.

ZD Net/World Wide Web Edition -- an innovative, advertiser-supported site about computing on the Internet's World Wide Web. ZD Net/World Wide Web Edition is one of the most popular publisher-operated sites on the Web, recording more than 2.5 million "hits" per week, including more than 700,000 documents viewed.

ZD Net/AT&T Interchange Edition -- a new online service that combines information about computing with the industry-leading technology of AT&T Corp.'s new Interchange Online Network. ZD Net/AT&T Interchange Edition is currently in the final stages of Beta testing and will be available later this summer.

ZD Net/Microsoft Network Edition (available on the forthcoming Microsoft Network)

ZD Net/PRODIGY Edition (formerly ZiffNet for PRODIGY)

ZD Net/AppleLink Edition

ZD Net/eWorld Edition

The new name change is effective immediately for all services except ZD Net/CompuServe Edition, which will change over from ZiffNet later this year.

The ZD Net product family is designed for individuals and professionals with a serious interest in personal computers. ZD Net services provide news, information, downloadable software and interactive discussions that increase members' productivity, understanding and enjoyment in using computers, as well as an active online community of computer enthusiasts. The services also keep members connected with Ziff-Davis magazine editors, product experts, leading vendors and industry leaders. ZD Net is staffed by veteran Ziff- Davis editors, who frequently take advantage of the immediacy of the online medium to break important stories online. For example, PC Week posted on ZD Net the first story on IBM's takeover bid of Lotus (at 10:30 a.m. ET on June 5, 1995) and posted an additional eight stories, including an exclusive interview with Lotus CEO Jim Manzi, in the 48 hours following the announcement of the bid.

Each version of ZD Net is customized to take advantage of the specific platform. For example, the forthcoming ZD Net/AT&T Interchange Edition will exploit the hyperlinking feature and compound multimedia documents of the Interchange network to provide rich editorial packages, which combine text, graphics, software and interactive discussions on a single topic. ZD Net/World Wide Web Edition exploits the graphical documents and hyperlinking features of the World Wide Web.

Ziff-Davis Publishing publishes the leading magazines about computing, including PC Magazine, PC Computing, PC Week, Computer Shopper, MacUser, MacWEEK, Windows Sources, Computer Gaming World, ComputerLife, Family PC and Inter@ctive Week in the U.S., as well as seven publications in Europe. The company recently announced ZD Internet Life, which will appear at newsstands later in the year.

NOTE: ZiffNet and ZD Net are trademarks of Ziff-Davis Publishing. Interchange and Interchange Online Network are service marks of AT&T Corp.
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