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NEW YORK, March 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Computer marketers looking for new ways to build or extend relationships with Internet users now have a powerful new weapon in their marketing arsenals. The Ziff-Davis Publishing Company announced today that as of April 1 it will begin offering commercial space to marketers on its World Wide Web site on the Internet. The World Wide Web (Web) is a global network that supports multimedia (text, graphics, sound, video) information and allows users to connect to different sites by simply clicking on a word or image.

The Ziff-Davis Web site, called ZD Net, features home pages (areas where each magazine publishes information, news and opinion including text, pictures and graphics) for 10 of the company's US publications, plus pages for The Cobb Group and Ziff-Davis Europe. The 10 US titles include: PC Magazine, PC WEEK, Computer Shopper, PC Computing, MacUser, MacWeek, Windows Sources, Computer Life, Inter@ctive Week and Computer Gaming World. Other Ziff-Davis divisions and publications will be developing Web pages soon.

"Growth of our Web pages has been dramatic," said David Shnaider, vice president and general manager of Ziff-Davis Interactive. "Usage of ZD Net has doubled every month for the last six months. It's an incredible marketing environment for computer product vendors, because it delivers a significant, growing and highly targeted audience of computer buyers. An audience that, since it's self-selected, is predisposed to respond favorably to marketers' messages," Shnaider concluded.

Charter advertiser Oracle, for example, will be encouraging developers who visit ZD Net to go to the Oracle Web site ( to access online demonstrations and information about the company's Workgroup/2000 product family and to download 90-day free trial copies of the products. "As a pioneer of Internet-based product distribution and marketing, we see the extension of Ziff-Davis publications to ZD Net as a strategy that maps very well to our own," said Marc Benioff, vice president of Oracle's client/server systems division. "Ziff-Davis' presence on the Internet provides significant value in terms of the information published and will help us extend our reach even further."

Currently, more than 80,000 users access the Ziff-Davis Web pages each week, spending an average of seven minutes at each page they visit. And subscribers to Ziff-Davis print publications are active online users. A subscriber survey conducted nearly a year ago already showed that a third of Ziff-Davis magazine readers used the Internet, logging on an average of 11 times per month. On average, each session lasts 25 minutes.

In addition to Oracle, Gateway 2000 has already signed on as one of the first marketers on ZD Net. Both will have banners, including logos and copy, that will appear across the bottom of the magazines' home pages.

By clicking on these banners, users are automatically linked to specially-created marketing material, and can jump to the marketer's own area on the Web. Users will also be able to access electronic reprints about the products including reviews, lab reports, and feature stories that have been published in Ziff-Davis publications.

"Marketers in the computer industry are establishing Web sites every day," said Shnaider. "But once the site is up, the challenge is to bring customers to it, and that's where we can help."

Gateway 2000 will be featuring its desktop and portable products on ZD Net. "With the tremendous exposure the Internet has received over the last several months, we feel that ZD Net will add great incremental awareness for Gateway 2000," said Al Giazzon, director of marketing for Gateway 2000. "Now thousands of people that visit the Ziff-Davis Web site will have fast, easy access to the latest information about our products."

"People know Ziff-Davis for its incredible computer product coverage, and they're drawn to our Web site for the same reason," Shnaider added. "We're providing the same high quality computer information that people have come to expect, plus engaging, interactive elements and an unparalleled timeliness in our editorial, all made possible by the online environment," said Shnaider.

Each of the magazine home pages has specific, unique editorial that complements the print version of the magazine, but takes advantage of the multimedia capabilities and timeliness that the Web format affords. PC Magazine, for example, which is renowned for its in-depth reviews and lab tests of computer products, offers online versions of these reviews on its Web site.

But since PC Magazine on ZD Net can also cover fast-breaking computer industry stories and trends, this is also a strong focus of its home page. Its "Trends Online" feature covers news stories by linking users to the source information available in other locations on the Internet. So when Intel announced its P6 processor, users could click to product white papers and performance testing results. And when Judge Stanley Sporkin recently ruled that the Justice Department had to re-examine its Microsoft anti-trust agreement, users could read the magazine's overview, and then click to the full text of the Judge's ruling.

Charter advertising rates for ZD Net range from $10,000 to $25,000 for a three-month program, depending on the package. Charter advertisers were limited so that Ziff-Davis could study the use and effectiveness of the different marketing messages communicated on ZD Net. Initial focus group research conducted by the company found that Internet users were interested in appropriate offers and messages that added value to their experience at a site.

Ziff-Davis Publishing Company is the nation's leading provider of computer information. The company's publications include: PC Magazine, PC WEEK, PC Computing, Computer Shopper, Windows Sources, MacUser, MacWeek, Inter@ctive Week (a joint venture with Inter@ctive Enterprises), Computer Life, Computer Gaming World and Family PC (a joint venture with Disney Publications). Ziff-Davis Interactive, a division of the publishing company, is responsible for ZiffNet on CompuServe, Prodigy and e-World; the new Interchange Computing service; and the company's efforts on the Internet.
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