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 CHICAGO, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Dovetailing with the nationwide launch of the unique interactive on-screen program guide service provided by StarSight Telecast Inc. (Nasdaq: SGHT), Zenith Electronics Corporation (NYSE: ZE) today announced the first color television sets with built-in circuitry to receive the service.
 Zenith plans to begin rolling out StarSight capability in eight all- new top-of-the-line models in Zenith's popular Advanced Video Imaging (AVI) line in July. Zenith expects the StarSight feature to command about a $50 retail price premium over comparable non-StarSight models, and suggested list prices start at $799.
 These new TVs -- two 27-, two 32- and two 35-inch direct-view models, plus 52- and 60-inch home theater rear-projection models -- are expected to further strengthen Zenith's position in the large-screen color television market, according to Gerald M. McCarthy, president of the Zenith Sales Company division.
 "These new TVs are the first in the industry with built-in capability to navigate through the vast array of pro-grams and services that many predict will be available on the electronic superhighway in the not so distant future," McCarthy said. "And they're the first truly addressable TVs," with individual address codes to receive authorization for the StarSight subscription service.
 "Bringing the power and convenience of StarSight to Zenith customers has been a key element of our product strategy since we began working with StarSight Telecast more than three years ago," McCarthy said at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show during a celebration of the launch of the new TVs and the Star-Sight service.
 John Burns, StarSight Telecast's executive vice president, sales and marketing, applauded the launch of Zenith TVs interactive capability. "We're very excited about the first retail availability of StarSight- capable consumer electronics products," he said. "Together with Zenith, we're reinventing television."
 Gregory Gronowski, Zenith vice president of product management, explained the consumer benefits of StarSight: instant programming information at the touch of a button; seven days of updated program schedule information; a simple guide for direct tuning by title, theme and channel number; and easy one-button VCR recording of selected programs.
 StarSight listings are complete for each channel, giving the program name, time and length, plus a program description. For movies, it also provides the film rating. From the grid listing screen, a quick push of the remote button calls the program to the screen.
 "To record a program, just move the highlight bar on the screen to the desired program and touch the record button," Gronowski said. "It's that simple."
 The Zenith TV will send an infrared code to any VCR to instruct it to record. StarSight can record single programs, daily program series like soap operas, or weekly programs with a single command, and keeps a list of scheduled recordings for reference. "The viewer's only task is to be sure the VCR has a blank tape in place," Gronowski said.
 The "grazing" feature allows viewers to have access to important information during channel surfing. Anytime the viewer changes channels, StarSight displays the name of the program, the channel and how much time remains for that program, even if a commercial happens to be on at that moment.
 Another key StarSight navigation feature lists all programs according to theme category such as drama, sports or children's programming. To learn what sporting events are on this week, for example, the viewer selects SPORTS from the theme menu, and gets a sports listing for the week by various sports categories -- football, basketball, wrestling, etc.
 "With StarSight, the ultimate navigation tool for the electronic age, Zenith is ushering in a whole new television experience," Gronowski said. "It's truly interactive, fun to use and a terrific value."
 -0- 6/23/94
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Photos available.
 The Drake Room
 Drake Hotel
 Chicago, Illinois
 June 23, 1994
 5-7 p.m.
 Brief presentation at 6 p.m.
 Celebrating the nationwide launch of the StarSight interactive
 electronic program guide and
 Zenith's introduction of the first StarSight-capable TVs./
 /CONTACT: John Taylor of Zenith, 708-391-8181; or Lisa Lamy of StarSight, 510-657-9900/

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