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 BUFFALO GROVE, Ill., Jan. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Zenith Data Systems today announced the Z-STOR Personal Server, a new category of PC product and the first workgroup server specifically designed to make networking simple and affordable.
 "There's a large market for small networks, but many potential customers have lacked either the budget or expertise to enter the market," said David O'Connor, executive vice president of ZDS' Worldwide Product Group. "The two greatest barriers for most small workgroups -- cost and complexity -- are no longer an issue."
 The Z-STOR Personal Server is a turnkey network appliance that has everything that a small group -- from 1 to 20 users -- needs to form a workgroup network. Z-STOR Personal Servers are shipped pre-configured with Novell's new DOS 7 and Personal NetWare. Customers merely unpack the unit, plug in client workstations and a printer, and they have a network up and running: No tedious installation is required.
 Personal NetWare allows customers who use Microsoft Windows and DOS to access the Z-STOR Personal Server network to share files, E-mail, printing and even remote access via modem.
 With an optional 14.4K bps PCMCIA modem card, customers can log on to the Z-STOR Personal Server remotely (all remote software is included).
 In addition, those using notebook PCs can make a direct connection to the Z-STOR Personal Server through the parallel port, making the Z-STOR Personal Server a perfect desktop alternative -- without the expense and limitations of docking stations.
 Whenever hardware or software is updated, the system automatically reconfigures itself, making most Network Operating System chores associated with larger networks nearly non-existent. The interface for the customer is the on/off switch.
 Because the Z-STOR Personal Server runs Personal NetWare, it provides seamless integration into NetWare 2.X, 3.X and 4.X networks, with full SNMP management support. The Z-STOR Personal Server allows NetWare networks to tailor additional storage and print services to quickly and economically fit customers' needs. Z-STOR Personal Server workgroups can easily attach or detach from the enterprise, and security for the enterprise is never compromised. The Z-STOR Personal Server is NetWare-certified by Novell.
 In addition to pre-loaded, ready-to-run Novell Personal NetWare, the Z-STOR Personal Server features a network watch program which can determine if the network is down, hung or otherwise malfunctioning. When the watchdog program senses an error, it shuts down the server, reboots and re-establishes all previous connections.
 The system is further enhanced with an upgrade card -- a PCMCIA card which contains a self-running restoration of the Personal NetWare operating system to the Z-STOR Personal Server.
 The Z-STOR Personal Server also features built-in backup software for use with optional QIC or DAT tape drives which may be added to the system.
 The Z-STOR Personal Server Model 400 is shipped with the following hardware:
 486 SLC/25 processor
 1 MB disk cache (2MB RAM)
 210 MB (400 MB compressed) IDE HD
 2 5.25" SCSI expansion bays
 SCSI-2 interface
 Pre-installed Novell Personal NetWare
 10Base-T connector
 Thick and thin Ethernet ports (AAUI)
 PCMCIA slot for Token Ring or Fax modem
 Parallel Port
 The Z-STOR Personal Server has a number of expansion options; all expansions are uniquely self-configuring and merely snap into place -- there are no SCSI IDs, memory I/O or dip switches to set. The Z-STOR Personal Server may be expanded with:
 SCSI hard drives
 Double-speed CD-ROM drives
 Floppy disk drives
 QIC or DAT tape backup units
 The Z-STOR Personal Server Model 1000 has identical hardware and connectivity features but has 1 GB of (compressed) disk storage.
 With the built-in Ethernet and optional Token Ring connectors, customers can easily plug in pre-configured connectivity PCs such as ZDS' Z-STAR 433 VL and Z-NOTE+ notebook PCs.
 The Z-STOR Personal Server software automatically configures itself to connect to the network. Customers can change workgroup names, Token Ring speed and other aspects of the network topology through Z-STOR Personal Server utilities, but most will never have to manage these details.
 Base models of the Z-STOR Personal Server system are energy efficient, using only 30 Watts or less when running. The unit is small -- the size of a three-ring binder -- and is quiet and reliable. The Z- STOR Personal Server carries a Zenith Data Systems 3-year limited warranty (one year on-site service and two-year carry-in).
 The Model 400 (400 MB storage) has a ZDS price of $999.
 The Model 1000 (1GB storage) has a ZDS price of $1,599.
 The Z-STOR Personal Server Models 400 and 1000 are available now from ZDS through its field sales force or its Z-DIRECT catalog, and through authorized ZDS and Novell resellers. Zenith Data Systems has a network of more than 200 North American authorized resellers. The company has distribution arrangements with seven major distributors (BSM Computers, Inc., Gates/FA, Ingram Micro, Merisel, Microage, ROBEC and Tech Data).
 ZDS and Novell authorized resellers and distributors determine their own prices, which may be higher or lower than ZDS' direct price.
 Zenith Data Systems, a Bull company, is a leading supplier of notebook, subnotebook and desktop PCs, servers, monitors and related peripherals. With headquarters in Buffalo Grove, the company has engineering facilities in St. Joseph, Mich., Santa Clara, Calif., and Billerica, Mass.; manufacturing facilities in St. Joseph, Mich.; and sales locations in more than 30 countries.
 For more information, call 800-553-0331.
 -0- 1/10/94
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Zenith Data Systems is no longer part of Zenith Electronics Corporation. Please refer to Zenith Data Systems on second reference as either "ZDS" or "Zenith Data." Please do not refer to ZDS as "Zenith."
 Trademarks and trade names are used to identify the entities claiming the marks and names of their products. Zenith Data Systems disclaims any proprietary interest in trademarks and trade names other than its own.
 /CONTACT: Steve Bosak or David Dalton of Zenith Data Systems, 708-808-4848/

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