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 BUFFALO GROVE, Ill., Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Zenith Data Systems, a Bull company, today extended its innovative subnotebook PC line with the introduction of the Z-LITE 425L.
 The second-generation Z-LITE uses a high performance 25 MHz, ultra- low-power 3.3-volt Intel486 SL microprocessor. This provides highly mobile professional users with three to six hours(a) of battery operation and significant power-management features.
 The Z-LITE 425L is ideal for Microsoft Windows applications through a combination of i486 SL power, a full-size VGA backlit display, and an available pointing device that can be uniquely integrated into the system. Additionally, the system features dual PCMCIA slots, up to 170MB hard drive capacity, 4MB of random access memory, a 25 MHz clock speed, 8KB of cache and 32-bit performance in a 3.9 pound design.
 "The Z-LITE 425L brings desktop power into the subnotebook category, offering the ultimate in power and portability," said David O'Connor, executive vice president of the ZDS Worldwide Product Group.
 Key features of the Z-LITE include:
 -- A 3.3-volt Intel486 SL microprocessor, which is 25 percent more power efficient than 5-volt versions. Users can expect battery life of three to six hours(a).
 -- A full-size 8.5-inch (viewable) black-on-white VGA display, the largest backlit VGA display available in a subnotebook computer.
 -- The ZDS LITEPOINT, an optional integrated pointing device that can be attached to the front slope of the keyboard.
 -- An 85MB, 120MB or 170MB internal hard drive.
 -- Two PCMCIA Type II expansion slots, which permit the use of a wide range of credit-card-size devices for options such as modems and local area network (LAN) adapters. The Z-LITE 425L is the only 486-based subnotebook PC to offer two PCMCIA slots. Card and socket services also are pre-loaded.
 The Z-LITE 425L weighs 3.9 pounds with battery and measures 9.9"(W) x 7.6"(D) x 1.5" sloping to 1.1"(H) at the front. There are four models of the Z-LITE 425L, starting at $1,899. Model 85 and Model 85W, with 85MB hard drives, are available immediately. Model 120W, with a 120MB hard drive, and Model 170W, with a 170 MB hard drive, will be available in September.
 The new Z-LITE 425L is part of the company's Z series, which is based on the guiding principles of ZDS' long-term product strategy: Integrated Connectivity, Investment Protection, Ease of Use, and Design & Ergonomics.
 "All of these principles can be found in the Z-LITE," O'Connor said.
 The Z-LITE 425L has two PCMCIA Type II slots. Through optional PCMCIA cards available directly from ZDS and third-party suppliers, all Z-LITEs can be expanded with data/fax modems, LAN adapters or wireless transmitters, for example.
 The Z-LITE 425L provides a choice of generous, hard-disk capacities and user-installable RAM capabilities.
 POWER MANAGEMENT: All Z-LITE 425L subnotebook systems comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star standards because of their power-saving capabilities. The 3.3-volt 25 MHz i486 SL microprocessor allows for three to six hours(a) of mobile power between charges. This processor builds on the power-saving architecture pioneered by Intel and ZDS with the original i386 SL.
 The Z-LITE uses a nickel metal-hydride battery, and a convenient "fuel gauge" provides continuous display of remaining battery energy.
 WINDOWS-CAPABLE: The 8.5-inch (viewable) backlit VGA screen offers superior visibility in varying lighting conditions, 64 gray shades, and 16-bit video processing for smooth cursor movement, O'Connor said, making it "ideal for Microsoft Windows applications."
 All Z-LITEs can use the LITEPOINT, a two-button pointing device that provides a natural and easy method for cursor control in a portable computer. By attaching firmly to the front slope of the keyboard, the LITEPOINT allows users to keep their hands placed in a natural position on the keyboard while using a roller ball to control cursor movement.
 The Z-LITE 425L projects a sleek, contemporary design, with a rounded spine that fits the natural contours of the hand. The 3.5-degree slope of the keyboard is comfortable, and the LITE-POINT's roller ball is slightly to the left of center -- right below where the thumbs would rest during normal typing.
 The no-compromise keyboard of the Z-LITE 425L retains the popular layout of the award-winning Z-NOTE, but with a 10-percent reduction in size. "Because we've balanced the size, shape and slope of the keys and improved other ergonomic factors, the keyboard feels full-sized," O'Connor said.
 The 82-key design emulates the functionality of a 101-key keyboard and includes a standard inverted "T" layout and dedicated Home, End, PgUp and PgDn cursor controls.
 -- The Z-LITE 425L comes equipped with 4MB of RAM, which can be expanded up to 20MB with a 16MB memory module, when available.
 -- New low-profile 12.5mm-high IDE hard disk drives from Seagate Technology provide up to 170MB of fixed storage. This drive is 30 percent slimmer than standard 2.5-inch notebook PC hard disks.
 -- An available 1.44MB 3.5-inch external floppy disk drive with a self-contained, retractable connecting cable. The system's AC adapter/charger mounts directly on the floppy disk drive to create a unique, one-piece, dual-function traveling peripheral.
 -- An LCD "status panel" above the keyboard that provides information on 13 system functions, including power source, disk drive activity, PCMCIA card recognition, and keyboard settings.
 -- A full complement of standard-size interfaces, including one serial port, one Enhanced Parallel Port, a 6-pin mouse/keypad/keyboard port, and SVGA-compatible video "out" (which can be used for simultaneous display).
 The Z-LITE 425L comes in four configurations:
 -- Z-LITE 425L Model 85
 -- 85MB hard drive
 -- 4MB of RAM
 -- AC adapter/charger
 -- Null modem, serial cable (available only with non-floppy drive model)
 -- MS-DOS 6.0 pre-loaded
 -- ZDS price of $1,899
 -- Z-LITE 425L Model 85W adds
 -- LITEPOINT pointing device
 -- 1.44MB floppy disk drive (external)
 -- Microsoft Windows 3.1 pre-loaded
 -- On-line documentation under Microsoft Windows
 -- ZDS price of $2,099
 -- Z-LITE 425L Model 120W features
 -- LITEPOINT pointing device
 -- 1.44MB floppy disk drive (external)
 -- Microsoft Windows 3.1 pre-loaded
 -- 120MB hard drive
 -- ZDS price of $2,299
 -- Z-LITE 425L Model 170W features
 -- LITEPOINT pointing device
 -- 1.44MB floppy disk drive (external)
 -- Microsoft Windows 3.1 pre-loaded
 -- 170MB hard drive
 -- ZDS price of $2,499
 The Z-LITE 425L is available directly from ZDS through its field sales force or through its Z-DIRECT catalog. The company also has a network of more than 200 North American authorized resellers. The company has distribution arrangements with seven major distributors (DataGo, Gates/FA, Ingram Micro, Merisel, Microage, ROBEC and Tech Data), who in turn supply their dealers with ZDS products. Resellers and distributors determine their own pricing, which may be higher or lower than ZDS' advertised prices.
 Zenith Data Systems, a Bull company, is a leading supplier of notebook and desktop PCs, servers, monitors and related peripherals. With headquarters in Buffalo Grove, Ill., the company has engineering facilities in St. Joseph, Mich., Santa Clara, Calif., and Billerica, Mass.; manufacturing facilities in St. Joseph, Mich., and Villeneuve d'Ascq, France; and sales locations in more than 30 countries.
 -0- 8/17/93
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Zenith Data Systems is no longer part of Zenith Electronics Corporation. Please refer to Zenith Data Systems on second reference as either "ZDS" or "Zenith Data." Please do not refer to ZDS as "Zenith."
 READER REFERRAL: Please forward reader inquiries to 800-553-0331
 Trademarks and trade names are used to identify the entities claiming the marks and names of their products. Zenith Data Systems disclaims any proprietary interest in trademarks and trade names other than its own.
 (a) Battery life will vary depending upon usage, peripherals attached and power management features used./
 /CONTACT: John Bace or David Dalton of ZDS, 708-808-4848/

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