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 BUFFALO GROVE, Ill., Dec. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Zenith Data Systems, (NYSE: ZE) a Bull company, announced today the Z-SELECT 100, a powerful new family of value-packed desktop personal computers at very aggressive prices.
 "Capitalizing on the success of our Z-400+ series, the Z-SELECT 100 is destined to become a market leader in cost-effective, high performance desktop computing," said David O'Connor, executive vice president of the ZDS Worldwide Product Group.
 The Z-SELECT 100 features SL-enhanced Intel486 SX, DX and DX/2 microprocessors with upgradability to future Pentium OverDrive technology. The new family of Energy Star-compliant ZDS desktops offers a variety of components including high-performance accelerated local-bus SVGA video; optional secondary cache; and out-of-the-box networking solutions with Ethernet or Token Ring, plus pre-installed software for Novell NetWare, Banyan VINES and Microsoft LAN Manager.
 Energy Star
 The Z-SELECT 100 complies with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star guidelines.
 The power management features of the Z-SELECT 100 can be customized so that customers can define the period of inactivity after which the system, IDE drives and monitor go into rest mode without losing data. "When in rest mode, the Z-SELECT 100 consumes less than 60 Watts -- less than the power consumed by an average light bulb," said O'Connor.
 A touch of the mouse or keyboard restores the Z-SELECT 100 to full operation. In addition, the system will wake up automatically in response to an interrupt from the modem, network or other devices.
 High Performance Video
 The Z-SELECT 100 provides extremely high performance video through a combination of leading edge technologies, including VESA local bus.
 "Great video performance in a PC does not only depend on local bus video. You also need high-speed graphics processors and an adequate amount of video memory to handle all of the GUI-intensive applications available today," said O'Connor. "The Z-SELECT 100 gives you all of these."
 Test results show that the Z-SELECT 100's video performance can be as high as 23 million Winmarks.
 Additionally, the Z-SELECT 100 systems have 1MB of video memory for high resolution (1024 x 768 x 256 colors) as well as 24 bit "true color," which allows for 16.8 million colors at 640 x 480 resolution.
 The Z-SELECT 100 follows the four guiding "principles" of ZDS' long- term product strategy: Investment Protection, Integrated Connectivity, Ease of Use, and Design & Ergonomics.
 O'Connor explained how the Z-SELECT 100 incorporates all four principles:
 -- Investment Protection: The processors, disks, memory and cache in all Z-SELECT 100 systems can be easily upgraded by customers.
 In addition to supporting all i486-based microprocessors, the Z-SELECT 100 is certified by Intel as "Pentium OverDrive Ready," which means that customers can reliably install and run Pentium OverDrive processors, when available.
 -- Integrated Connectivity: "The Z-SELECT 100 provides networking solutions, not just network interface cards," said O'Connor. "Our systems are up on the network in minutes."
 When ordered with a network card for Ethernet or Token Ring, the Z-SELECT 100 is ready for the network, right out of the box. ZDS preloads and configures the client software necessary for Novell NetWare, Banyan VINES and Microsoft LAN Manager on the hard disk. A simple menu selection is all that is required to have a Z-SELECT 100 up and running on the network.
 For asynchronous communications environments, ZDS has extended its connectivity options with a low cost Data/FAX modem option.
 The Z-SELECT 100 carries vendor certifications for Novell NetWare, Banyan VINES, Microsoft LAN Manager, MS Windows for Workgroups, OS/2 and DecPathworks.
 -- Ease of Use: All models of the Z-SELECT 100 come with MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows pre-installed and preconfigured. The use of icons, local customization for foreign language support, detailed documentation and extensive on-line help enhance the Z-SELECT 100's ease of use.
 -- Design & Ergonomics: The Z-SELECT 100 series incorporates an elegant industrial design and conforms to leading European standards for ergonomics. The system provides ISO 9241-compliant video refresh rates for reduced eyestrain.
 Pricing for the Z-SELECT 100 starts at $999 (ZDS price) for a system with a 25MHz Intel486 SX microprocessor, 4MB of RAM and a 170MB hard drive. (See fact sheet for additional configurations and prices.)
 The Z-SELECT 100 is available directly from ZDS through its field sales force or through its Z-DIRECT catalog. The company also has a network of more than 200 North American authorized resellers. The company has distribution arrangements with seven major distributors (BSM Computers, Inc., Gates/FA, Ingram Micro, Merisel, Microage, ROBEC and Tech Data).
 Resellers and distributors determine their own prices, which may be higher or lower than ZDS' direct price.
 Zenith Data Systems, a Bull company, is a leading supplier of notebook, subnotebook and desktop PCs, servers, monitors and related peripherals. With headquarters in Buffalo Grove, Ill., the company has engineering facilities in St. Joseph, Mich., Santa Clara, Calif., and Billerica, Mass.; manufacturing facilities in St. Joseph, Mich.; and sales locations in more than 30 countries.
 Z-SELECT 100 Prices & Special Promotions:
 Model Z-Direct Price
 Z-SELECT 100 25SX/170 $ 999
 Z-SELECT 100 33SX/210 $1,199
 Z-SELECT 100 50DX2/210 $1,599
 Z-SELECT 100 66DX2/210 $1,799
 Z-SELECT 100 66DX2/510 $2,299
 16-bit Ethernet card $ 129
 Token Ring Adapter $ 349
 1540 Promotion with Ethernet $ 599
 (Purchase the Z-SELECT 100 25SX/170 with a ZCM-1540 monitor and get a processor upgrade to 33SX and a hard drive upgrade to 210MB plus an Ethernet module, for just the price of the monitor.)
 1540 Promotion with Data/FAX modem $ 599
 (Purchase the Z-SELECT 100 25SX/170 with a ZCM-1540 monitor and get a processor upgrade to 33SX and a hard drive upgrade to 210MB plus a Data/FAX modem module, for just the price of the monitor.)
 Z-SELECT 100 is available now.
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 /NOTE TO EDITOR: Zenith Data Systems is no longer part of Zenith Electronics Corporation. Please refer to Zenith Data Systems on second reference as either "ZDS" or "Zenith Data." Please do not refer to ZDS as "Zenith."/
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 /CONTACT: David Dalton, public relations of Zenith Data Systems, 708-808-4848/

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