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ZDNet Unveils Innovative Web Site Design at Internet World '97; Delivers Wealth of Content Through Distinct Topic 'Channels'

Also Announces Several Major Additions to Site, New International Editions
 and Key Strategic Alliance

LOS ANGELES, March 12 /PRNewswire/ -- ZDNet, the Web's undisputed leading source for computing and Internet information, today unveiled an innovative new Web site design at Internet World '97, booth #1268. Divided into distinct content "channels" by topic, the ZDNet Web site ( now easily and effectively guides the Web community through the wealth of timely content generated by Ziff-Davis' worldwide staff of talented journalists and online technology experts.

ZDNet Introduces Several Major Site Developments

Also at Internet World, ZDNet today announced several new developments, including:

-- a strategic alliance with PointCast

-- new international editions ZDNet Australia and ZDNet Italy

-- Java-based product review data viewers from PC Magazine

-- a new series of ZDNet University software application-based course offerings

-- LaunchPad and HealthyPC, two entirely new ZDNet Web sites

"The pace of innovation on the Web allows us to continually enhance the user experience with new technologies and cutting-edge services," said Dan Farber, ZDNet's vice president and editor in chief. "The new changes we have made to ZDNet are focused on delivering more immediacy, and more interactive content and services, effectively surfacing the depth of news and information on computing and Internet generated by our worldwide staff of talented journalists."

ZDNet Ranks Number One in PC-Meter Survey

ZDNet also announced separately today that, for the seventh month in a row, it was ranked the number-one News, Information and Entertainment Web site, according to PC-Meter, the Neilsen-like ranking of the top Web sites. In PC-Meter's January survey of Web use in U.S. homes, ranks ahead of other computing sites like CNET's by more than 50 percent. ZDNet also ranks ahead of other top news and information sites like Time-Warner's, CNN's, and ESPN's

"The combination of our authoritative computing and Internet content and our expert integration of interactive technologies -- like the ones we're introducing today -- makes ZDNet stand out in the online environment, as evidenced by our PC-Meter rankings," said Jim Savage, ZDNet's vice president and general manager.

New ZDNet Site Design

The ZDNet Web site ( has been restructured to speed navigation through its "channels," or sites that organize the ZD content by topic, such as news, products reviews and downloadable software. A cleaner, more navigable design, combined with sophisticated database technology, lets people quickly and easily "drill down" to the information they need for ZDNet's unmatched content resources. In the next few months, the integration of sophisticated "push" technologies into each ZDNet channel will enable ZDNet's Web community to automatically receive the information that interests them most, directly on their desktops, at pre-set time intervals.

The PointCast Strategic Alliance

ZDNet and PointCast have formed a strategic alliance through which ZDNet will become the premier technology channel on PointCast's popular Internet broadcast news service. At Internet World, PointCast is showcasing ZDNet content in its booth, #1468. The latest version of PointCast Network software, which now includes the ZDNet channel, will be automatically rolled out this month to current PointCast users and will be available to new users, who can download from both the PointCast Web site ( and the ZDNet Web site.

New International ZDNet Editions

Continuing its rapid international expansion, ZDNet today announced that it has added two new international editions: ZDNet Australia and ZDNet Italy. These sites add to ZDNet's already established international Web sites, including regional editions in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and China. ZDNet is now preparing regional editions for Taiwan, Russia, Spain, Japan, Korea, Malaysia/Singapore, India, and Thailand, which it plans to introduce within the next few months.

Java-based PC Magazine Product Review "Data Viewers"

Now on ZDNet's products channel ( and the PC Magazine Web site (, users can view data from Ziff-Davis' renowned computer product reviews using dynamic, interactive Java-based "viewers." Test results, product specifications, and other valuable product review information is presented through a graphical interface that lets users prioritize around the features that interest them most and easily get to the heart of review data in more entertaining way. Current viewers allow users to interactively view and manipulate the latest benchmark tests, price/performance reports, and summaries of product features. New viewers will be available soon that simplify the process of choosing products based on specific feature requirements.

ZDNet University Adds Software Applications Courses

ZDNet has added courses in today's most popular software applications to ZDNet University's current course catalog. The new applications courses provide interactive, instructor-led training in widely used programs such as Lotus Notes 4.5, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. The Applications track joins five existing course tracks: Programming, Networking, Graphics & Games, ZDU Webmaster, and ZDU Executive (executive-level technology management courses).

ZDNet University ( is a popular, community-oriented center for online continuing education in all aspects of computing. Thousands of people have already joined ZDU, taking advantage of the service's affordable $4.95 per month rate that allows members to take unlimited courses.

HealthyPC.Com and LaunchPad

In time for Internet World, two new sites, HealthyPC.Com and LaunchPad, have been added to ZDNet.

HealthyPC.Com ( is a new ZDNet content channel that was developed with Symantec, the leading supplier of utilities and anti-virus software products. The site combines the Web's most authoritative experts and comprehensive content on PCs from ZDNet (in a free editorial area) with the world-renowned Norton Utilities, Anti-Virus software and other tools such as Live Update from Symantec (available in the Health Club, a subscription area that will cost $4.95 per month after March). The result is the most complete and convenient resource available for PC care, enabling Web users to become active participants in the life-time maintenance of their computers.

LaunchPad (, part of the acclaimed ZDNet Software Library, is designed to provide the Web community with a first look at the hottest new software products before they are available anywhere else. It is the Web's single, interactive source for sneak peaks at the best new software including downloadable demos, accompanied by discussions with the vendors, and breaking product news and information.

About ZDNet

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Ziff-Davis' ZDNet division develops and maintains the ZDNet Web site (, the Internet's undisputed source for the most authoritative and comprehensive information on computing and the Internet. ZDNet combines groundbreaking, interactive technology with editorial from Ziff-Davis' worldwide network of journalists to produce original, compelling content and create communities of common interests in computing. ZDNet is consistently ranked by PC-Meter, the Neilsen-like survey of Web usage, as the number-one news, information and entertainment Web site.

Ziff-Davis, a Softbank company, is the leading provider of special- interest content about the Internet and computing. The quality and quantity of this content attracts the largest and most powerful audience of early adopters and opinion leaders in both the business and consumer markets. Ziff- Davis enables advertisers to reach this audience effectively and efficiently through an integrated system of print, online and broadcast media.

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