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ZBS Foundation.

ZBS Foundation

174 North River Road, Fort Edward, NJ 12828 1-800-662-3345

The ZBS Foundation produces an original series of science fiction and fantasy productions that feature flawless production values, a full cast, original music and superb special effects. The cumulative result is a true 'theatre of the mind' experience for listeners of all ages. Five examples of their theatrical audio productions continue to demonstrate the ZBS attention to quality and entertainment. "The Wee Weever: A Little Frieda Mystery" (WEE, 1 CD, $15.00,) finds Little Frieda, with the assistance of her friend Mojo Sam, attempting to unravel the mystery of an illusive, mischievous, and possibly dangerous imp lurking within the McIlroy mansion. In "Somewhere Next Door To Reality" (TNJ2CD, 2CD, $18.00, 2 hours), Jack Flanders and Mojo Sam believe the reason why people are disappearing in Montreal is that they are being drawn into an ephemeral 'Other City' that may only exist somewhere next door to their own reality. It's up to them to set things right while a blind street musician's accordion plays a music that echoes down that narrow streets of that strange place."The Eye Of Van Gogh" (TNJ4CD, 2CD, $18.00, 2 hours) finds Jack and Mojo Sam trying to locate the source of invisible balls of energy that are causing hallucinations among the residents of Old Quebec city. These 'eyes' causing such havoc around town might have something to do with a little girl in pigtails who smokes cigars. "Do That In Real Life" (TNJ3CD, 3CD, $18.00, 2 hours) finds Jack Flanders dreaming about being chased by a zombie when mojo Sam telephones waking Jack from his nightmare and inviting him to New Orleans. Strolling through the French Quarter Jack spies Claudine from Montreal--but maybe it's a voodoo priestess who can shapeshift into the woman of Jack's dreams. And just who is that zombie that keeps following him around? "One of the 'Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe' titles, "Far Flung Farouk: Ruby 6.5 " (R6.%CD, 1 CD, $15.00, 2 hours) finds Ruby, Teur, and Rodant Kapoor returning to the desert planet of Illuboo Rai at the invitation of Prince how Hee Bob to open the forbidden tombs of the ancient Phar-Oops. Of course the Black Curse of the Phar-Opps will tend to complicate matters for our intrepid intergalactic adventurers! ZBS audio adventures are enthusiastically recommended for science fiction buffs and fantasy adventure fans. Ideal for community library audiobook collections, librarians and SciFi enthusiasts should visit the ZBS website or send for their free catalog for a complete list of all their superbly crafted audio theatre productions.
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Date:Feb 1, 2007
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