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Zapatec, Inc., Berkeley, Calif., has introduced Bloki (, a new free service that makes Web publishing as fast and easy as writing a letter. Using a word processor-style editor, users can set up new Blokis in less than two minutes, then add pages as fast as they can type. Giving co-workers, friends, or family permission to read private pages or edit is as simple as sending an email message. All of Bloki's tools are available instantly to anyone with a Web browser; no plug-ins or other downloads are required.

"If you know how to turn on a computer and use a word processor, you already know how to use Bloki," said Charles Jo, HR and business consultant. "Bloki is democratizing Web publishing and online collaboration by delivering simple and easy-to-use technology to everyone."

"Creating simple Web pages and using them to facilitate group collaboration has been too complicated until now," said Dror Matalon, president of Zapatec. "With Bloki, anyone, at any skill level, can instantly create a Web page without the frustration of complicated Web publishing mechanics. Bloki can also be used as a central location for collective ideas for anything from planning a picnic to working with virtual teams on a business document. Too often, people trying to get information on the Web face IT-department bottlenecks. With Bloki, Web pages are live documents that can be created and revised by anyone with access to the Internet."

How do you use Bloki?

Sign up at and within two minutes you can use your Bloki to create new pages. Edit your new Bloki's home page at the click of a button, then add new pages by importing a predefined template or starting from scratch. Bloki's WYSIWYG editor provides the formatting and other options users expect, including fonts, paragraph styles, graphics, tables, and hyperlinks, no programming required.

Each page can be set public, so anyone with a Web browser can read it, or private, visible only to your Bloki's members. You can let co-workers, friends, or family read your private pages or help you edit your Bloki by simply submitting their email addresses in an "Add Members" form. Bloki's history feature lets you keep track of who made changes to a page. Using an RSS service such as or, visitors and members can be notified by email when pages are updated, or can receive the updated pages themselves by email.

Choose various combinations of these options to create Blokis for different purposes. Give everyone in your workgroup edit access, and your Bloki is a virtual intranet where you can store and collaborate on documents, share project task lists. Give your workgroup read access only, and your Bloki is a bulletin board under your personal control. Make all your pages public, and it's a conventional Web site.

In addition to the Web site, each Bloki also includes a blog at no additional charge. Blog entries use the same WYSIWYG editor and have the same options as pages, including the public/private setting and graphics. Since any Bloki member with edit access can add entries to the blog, it's a handy tool for workgroup discussions or team updates.

Pricing, Availability, and Requirements

Bloki is available now, at , and is free. In the future, Zapatec will offer Bloki Pro, a paid version which will include virtual domain hosting ( in place of and other capabilities.

System requirements: For browsing, any Web browser (HTML 4.01 compatibility preferred). For editing, Mozilla 1.3 or later, or Internet Explorer 5.5 or later.

About Zapatec

Zapatec, Inc., was founded in January 2002 and is privately funded. The Zapatec platform on which Bloki is built uses industry-standard, reliable, open-source software, including PostgreSQL, Java, Apache, and Tomcat.

Visit to sign up for a free Bloki account.

For more information, see or call 510/315-1434.
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