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Yummy chums.

These yummy chums are fun to make and good to eat.

1 apple half for each yummy chum
1 carrot
  Thin celery strips
  Cheddar cheese


1. With an adult, slice the
apples in half.
Cut round carrot slices, small
cheese cubes, and celery strips.

2. Place the apple halves flat-side
down on a small plate.

3. Place toothpicks through the carrot slices and
attach to the apples for ears.

4. Use toothpicks broken in two to attach the
raisins to the apples for eyes.

5. Use toothpick halves and celery strips to make
whiskers on each yummy chum.

6. Attach a cheese cube to each apple to make a nose.

7. Now serve. (Remove toothpicks before eating!)
Chums are yums!

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Author:Beck, Joy
Publication:Children's Digest
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Date:Jul 1, 2008
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