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Yuengling debuts new 16-ounce cans.

D.G. Yuengling & Son have introduced its Premium and Premium Light beers in new 16-oz. cans to complement the brewery's current 12-oz. bottle and can packages. The new package is initially available only in Pennsylvania with possible expansion to other Northeast markets, the brewer reported.

"It was important that the new package design be consistent with the established Yuengling logo and image created for the 12-oz. cans," explained Dave Casinelli, Yuengling's director of sales. "The 16-oz. enables us to be competitive in the 16-oz. can segment of the market, providing us with the ability to attract new consumers. "

Developed by the D'Addario Design Associates, which developed packaging graphics for a number of Yuengling's brands, the design "has been instrumental in repositioning our product line for continued growth and expansion," Casinelli added.

"The chemistry between our companies is dynamic," endiused D'Addario Design vice president Adam D'Addario. "Every project we do for them turns to gold. [Yuengling] really knows how to produce and market superior products."

"As a result of their design excellence and skills interpreting our marketing positions," Casinelli said, "we have assigned D'Addario to all our point-of-sale for our 16- and 12-oz. cans."
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Title Annotation:D.G. Yuengling and Son Inc. introduces its Premium and Premium Light beer brands
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Article Type:Product Announcement
Date:Jun 29, 1992
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