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Will This Security Innovation Make Biometrics Obsolete? Public/private key cryptography relies on an exchange of unique data. Jun 22, 2019 767
Will Speech Technology Keep Speech Free? The technology is magical, but can be misused. Jan 1, 2019 787
Will AI-Powered 'Microservices' Bring Back Services of Old? The Victorian era had butlers and clerks; we have speech recognition and bots. Jun 22, 2018 784
What's Next in Speech Technology? I'm Glad You Asked! To shed light on what's coming, try looking at developer queries. Jan 1, 2018 778
Ambiguity, the illusion of translation, and AI: will artificial intelligence result in our losing something in the way we make sense of and debate the meaning of text? Sep 8, 2017 763
Speech technology as job creator--Not job replacer; speech applications have often taken human jobs away. But could they soon lead to new opportunities? Mar 22, 2017 710
Keep bad ASR out of my new dumb car: cars equipped with the latest technology, including speech recognition, can complicate your journey. Mar 22, 2016 764
Where's the stack? Speech technology should take a page from Web site builders: freely available tools that work together. Sep 22, 2015 784
Finding a solution to password insecurity: two-factor authentication is a big step toward no passwords at all. Mar 22, 2015 734
Do secure communications face a machiavellian future? Competitors can cooperate--or scheme for domination. Sep 22, 2014 747
The death of the public switched telephone network: assessing the damages of the NSA's actions. Mar 22, 2014 720
A cautionary tale of technology: an argument against innovation. Sep 22, 2013 771
Singing the praise of speech recognition: applications are out there--if you know where to look. Mar 22, 2013 730
Be careful what you wish for: when it comes to our privacy, how far will technology go? Sep 1, 2012 708
My call isn't all that important to me: when battling an IVR, there's not always a clear winner. Column May 1, 2012 766
Busting the myth of identity theft: how safe is safe enough? Jan 1, 2012 836
Successful failures: speech has to step up or risk becoming 2011's Symbian. Jan 1, 2011 780
Hey, you kids! Get off my lawn! Discussions of CCXML lead to a battle of the ages. May 1, 2010 743
Start the revolution without us: speech is absent from the latest social networking innovations. Jan 1, 2010 798
In beta. Jan 1, 2010 730
Pardon the interruption: speech remains unable to keep us focused on the task at hand. Oct 1, 2009 792
Thinking backward and thinking ahead: sci-fi paves the way for further TTS exploration. Jul 1, 2009 786
Talk quickly without talking faster: a new platform could cut the time spent needlessly on the phone. May 1, 2009 769
The creepiness factor: too much personalization in your IVR can lead to trouble. Oct 1, 2008 859
Lessons from the Blogosphere: for better user interactions, the speech world could learn from Twitter. Jul 1, 2008 766
The next small thing: many baby steps versus one giant leap. Mar 1, 2008 731
Boring is OK, but exciting is better: the time has come for a new era in speech. Apr 1, 2007 788

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