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Youth wing is practically a whole other house.

Youth wing is practically a whole other house

Three bedrooms, bathroom, mud room, long hall Five children can quickly make a big house seem small. In this large-family house on Bainbridge Island, Washington, providing separate spaces for children and for adults was a top priority. To handle the problem, architect James Cutler designed what is essentially a two-story, one-bedroom adult house--and then ran a children's wing off the living room. The whole upstairs of the 1,000-square-foot "main" house is a master suite. Below this are kitchen, bath, living, dining, laundry, and family room spaces. Hiding in a corner of the living room, a pocket door leads to the 800-square-foot children's wing, practically a whole other house. Three bedrooms, a bathroom (with separate compartments for toilet, sinks, and tub), and a mud room are serviced by a long hall where Cutler envisioned the children "riding their Big Wheels on rainy days." At the bathroom end of the hall is a separate mud-room entry from the outdoors. The wing even has its own outside play yard, which is walled and gated for safety. Two of the three bedrooms are divided by walls with bunk recesses on either side. These divider walls give each child privacy, and the stacked beds take up much less floor space than they would if they were side by side. When the children grow up, the dividers could come out, turning the two smaller spaces into a single larger room.

PHOTO : Play yard

PHOTO : Narrow play yard, gated when children were toddlers, runs alongside bedroom windows; toy

PHOTO : and trike storage shed is at far end

PHOTO : Double bedroom

PHOTO : Double-sided bunk wall divides room, gives privacy; one youngster sleeps high, the other

PHOTO : low
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Date:Jun 1, 1988
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