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Youth task force looks at Head Start.

NLC's "Task Force On The Future of Youth In America's Cities and Towns" met during the Las Vegas Congress of Cities to continue its work on developing a set of action steps and recommendations for the NLC Board of Directors.

"The future of our youth is a critically important issue for large and small cities. We have got to come up with a comprehensive set of prevention strategies that will keep us from losing even more of our youth to drugs, crime and early pregnancies. That is why I felt it important that this Task Force be created," said NLC President Sidney Barthelemy.

The meeting was chaired by Don Fraser, Mayor, Minneapolis, and NLC First Vice President. Following Mayor Barthelemy's opening remarks, the members of the Task Force reported on their review of a report issued by the National Commission on Children. The report contains a number of recommendations ranging from ensuring income security and increasing educational achievement to improving health and creating a moral climate for children. The consensus of the group was that the Commission report represented a lot of good work.

Mayor Fraser suggested, and the members agreed, that the Task Force should collect information on the Head Start and WIC programs and have that information available for a meeting to be held with Education Secretary Lamar Alexander early next year. Alexander had offered to have such a meeting and indicated that he would invite Health and Human Services Louis Sullivan to attend.

The Task Force decided to conduct a survey to collect additional data on successful youth programs and school parenting initiatives. The Task Force will hold its next meeting in March, during the Congressional City Conference. Members in attendance at the meeting were: Councilmembers Florence Thompson, Bloomsburg, Pa.; Mary Watson Nooe, Raleigh, N.C.; Thomas Johnson, Reidsville, N.C.; Joy Picus, Los Angeles, Calif.; Marry Johnson, Orlando, Fla.; Eric Smith, Jacksonville, Fla.; and Mayors Don Fraser, Minneapolis, Minn.; Sharon Priest, Little Rock, Ark.; Clarence Anthony, South Bay, Fla.; Sidney Barthelemy, New Orleans, La.; and Cardell Cooper, East Orange, N.J.
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Title Annotation:National League of Cities' Task Force on the Future of Youth in America's Cities and Towns meets during 1991 Congress of Cities convention
Author:McCloud, Thom
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Dec 16, 1991
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