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Youth respond to truth: Robert Welch University youth camps use the spark of truth to ignite patriotism's fire in the hearts of young people nationwide. These profiled youth are shining examples.

Every summer hundreds of high school students attend week-long camps sponsored by Robert Welch University. (These camps were formerly sponsored by The John Birch Society.)

Americanism Begins at Home

Homeschoolers Jennifer Swanson and Danielle Morgan, both 16, are neighbors and the best of friends. Jennifer loves reading and horseback riding, and for the past six years has worked as a volunteer teaching handicapped children to ride. Danielle is an accomplished singer and Hawaiian dancer. Her mother, a native Hawaiian, is a descendant of Queen Liliuokalani. Danielle's favorite subjects are history and religion.

Jennifer and Danielle attended their first RWU camp together three years ago. "I was so surprised," says Jennifer. "I never liked history, government, or politics before, but the instructors made it so interesting. I enjoyed all the recreation and the friends I made at camp, but the classes were the best part. I learned so much." "I was so impressed with both the staff and the students," says Danielle. "They set high standards for moral behavior. I learned so much about our country, the Constitution, the threats to freedom --so many things. I had never been interested in history or political science before, but my experience at camp really made me want to know the truth and to have a deeper understanding of our heritage and constitutional principles." After attending their first camp in 2001, Jennifer and Danielle recruited six of their friends to attend camp with them in 2002 and 2003.

Spelling C-o-n-s-t-i-t-u-t-i-o-n

At age 14, James is already something of a national celebrity. After winning the National Geographic Bee in May of this year, James was featured on the Today Show, the Early Show, CNN, and other news programs. He also received a $25,000 scholarship from National Geographic to attend the college of his choice. This past summer he also qualified for and competed in the National Science Olympiad. But neither fame nor fortune provide the primary motivation for James' studies. "I enjoy learning, I enjoy the challenge," says James, who, along with his five siblings, is homeschooled by his parents, Ann and Craig Williams. James is also involved in Boy Scouts, plays piano, and is a developing computer wiz.

In August, James attended the RWU Washington State youth camp. His parents, longtime members of The John Birch Society, saw this as an important component of his overall education. James agrees. "I had read the Constitution before but didn't really understand it," he says. "They explained it and made it very interesting. Now I'm reading The Federalist Papers and looking at other books in my dad's library that hadn't interested me before." Since attending camp, James has volunteered to lead a RWU Youth Chapter and frequently logs onto the RWU chat sessions.

He Values America

Known as the "Voice of Windsor High School," for the last four years Spencer Wells has opened the school day for students in Windsor, Colorado, with official announcements and clean jokes over the public address system. The 17-year-old senior is also student body president and has maintained an enviable 3.98 grade point average while taking a difficult honors curriculum. A voracious reader, Spencer has plowed through an impressive stack of tomes on history and philosophy that would intimidate most adults. An Eagle Scout, as well as an accomplished pianist and mountain climber, he also enjoys drama and has played the leading role in several school and community productions. He attended his first RWU camp in Colorado last year, and this year went to the RWU camp in Washington state. His camp experiences have intensified his already passionate interest in America's heritage. On October 18th he will address the 45th Anniversary Council Dinner of The John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisconsin. The title of his speech is "The Value of America."
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Author:Jasper, William F.
Publication:The New American
Date:Oct 20, 2003
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