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Having been a student for most of my two decades of life, success has always equated to academic excellence. It is still mostly so, however as I attend university and grapple with the question of what career I might have one day, I find myself having to redefine what successes would get me there ... as well as the successes that would make for a happy life.

The internet is nowhere short of articles and videos on what success is, and that makes coming to an exact definition all the more tricky.

While the traditional wants of money and power still exist, and understandably so, an increasing number of professionals are starting to cite other factors as markers of success - a healthy work-life balance, being able to help others and living a happy life are just some of the newfound ideals of a successful life.

What defines success for you is inevitably going to be dependent on your field of work or interests. An artist's definition of success - personal satisfaction, recognition maybe - is bound to be different from that of a business leader.

It makes me particularly relieved that many people are starting to shift their priorities towards doing what they love and keeping themselves happy.

While some might argue that 'do what you love' is not the soundest of advice, the fact that many consider this as an important predictor of contentment and ultimately, success gives a lot of credibility to it.

Regardless of where your passions lie, or the type of work you're involved in, I think the question of success is one that's worth thinking about, as is the bottom line that success would mean different things for different people.

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Publication:Gulf Weekly
Date:Mar 2, 2019
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