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Youth Talk: How has your sleeping pattern changed in Ramadan? Are there any funny incidents about this you want to share?

Rania Abdulsalam During Ramadan this year I have fallen ill especially since I don't get much sleep. My immunity system went down and the staying up all night landed me in trouble. I can't wait to get back to the normal routine. Taha Al-Azab This is a funny matter, in fact I'm so sorry to say that most of Yemeni people are not regular in their sleeping, except if there is a daily work, It's known that Ramadan makes a change in our habit of sleeping, but this Ramadan has a special taste , with no electricity which lead us to connect a wire or wireless to our brains whether it's switched on or off, so our sleeping should follow Mr Electricity's orders. Hooria Mohammed In the first days of Ramadan we used to stay up until 12 and then get up at four for Sahoor eat, pray and then sleep until eleven in the morning since we have summer holidays. In the last ten days of Ramadan because they are blessed days we stay up all night to pray and read quran and we sleep at dawn. Nadia Abdulaziz To be honest nothing much has changed. Some nights I have to stay up late in order to socialize and to feel part of the society because otherwise if I stick to my pre-Ramadan routine I feel so isolated. But in general I try to get my sleep at night like God intended for us. My cut-off time for receiving phone calls has extended from 9 at night to 11 to accommodate the new sleeping patterns. Eyad Al-Mathhaji We stay up all night during Ramadan and then during Eid we stay up for 24 hours so that we manage to wake up early for Eid prayers at 7 and eventually we sleep out of exhaustion at night and this fixes the sleep pattern. Esam Al-Rawhani I never got enough sleep throughout the month. This is my tragic situation which I hope after Eid will be fixed. Ali Saeed I used to sleep from one to 3:30 in the morning and then after eating sahoor and pray in the mosque and then sleep until 10 in the morning. The last ten days of Ramadan I stay up all night until dawn. I think my eid holidays will be spent sleeping to compensate for the depravation. Bushra Omar We stay up until dawn. We sleep everyday at five after we pray fajr. Every day we have guests for Iftar and dinner so we wake up at noon and start the cooking and preparation for our guests. The children sleep until two or more. We watch TV and socialize. Next Week's Question: Was this Eid celebration any different than previous years? how? Follow this section for a new question every week and feel free to reply with your answers or feedback by sending an e-mail to So this is your chance to share your humorous stories, poems or opinions with other young readers!

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Publication:Yemen Times (Sana'a, Yemen)
Date:Sep 6, 2011
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