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Sue Bent of the Coventry Law Centre answers questions on housing, health and community care, human rights, discrimination, welfare rights, employment and immigration issues.

The centre employs solicitors and experienced paralegals and can represent clients in both court and in tribunal..

QI have a care plan that provides for respite every four months. I haven't received any respite for 12 months and my social worker says they are finding it difficult to identify a suitable respite placement. Is there anything I can do? AA local authority is obliged to provide services to meet a need once that need has been assessed as meeting local authority eligibility criteria.

This means that the failure to provide respite is potentially challengeable. You should try to clarify the reasons why respite is not being provided.

To defend any challenge the authority would need to show it has taken all reasonable steps to resolve the problem.

QI was offered a job as an administrator with a local building company and shortly afterwards I found out that I was pregnant. I informed my new employer immediately and they have now withdrawn the job offer. Is this lawful? AIt is unlawful for an employer to withdraw a job offer because you are pregnant.

There may be an argument over whether an actual offer was made unless you have received something in writing. If you do not have a written job offer you will need precise details of who offered you the job and when. Also, if you were asked questions about children or your child care arrangements in the interview this would be useful evidence. If you wished to make a complaint to an employment tribunal you would need to submit a claim within three months of the date the job offer was withdrawn.

QMy uncle wants to put some of his savings into my account.

Can you tell me if I would have any problems with my benefits as this will take the amount in my account above the capital limit for income support - which I am claiming? AThis could be a big problem for you in terms of income support.

You should be careful about agreeing to what your uncle wishes you to do.

There is a possibility that the benefit office may feel that you have been overpaid benefit and possibly committed a criminal offence..


SUE BENT from Coventry Law Centre answers your legal questions
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Date:Apr 16, 2009
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