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Your vote, your voice: 2015 ACTE board of directors elections.

From November 21, 2014, to 11:59 p.m. ET December 21, 2014, members of ACTE will elect officers for the following Board of Directors positions:

* President-Elect: Serves a three-year term beginning July 2015.

* Region III Vice President-Elect: Serves a three-year term beginning July 2016.

* Administration Division Vice President: Serves a three-year term beginning July 2015.

All ACTE individual professional, retired, educational institution members, and national affiliate organizations whose membership dues were received at ACTE headquarters by October 21, 2014, are eligible to vote. Please review the biographical information and platform statements for the nominees, and exercise your right to vote for ACTE's future leadership. This information is also posted online on the ACTE website at Please note that the nominees featured on the following pages and online are not official candidates. Candidates will be officially selected at ACTE's CareerTech VISION.

The election process will be conducted via electronic ballot only. Ballots will be sent to member e-mail addresses listed in the ACTE database. ACTE has selected Survey and Ballot Systems (SBS) to manage the Board of Directors elections. You will receive an e-signature via e-mail that must be used with your member number to vote electronically. If you do not receive an e-signature by midnight on November 21, please contact ACTE's Leadership Department at 800-826-9972, ext. 315. Electronic ballots must be cast by 11:59 p.m. ET December 21, 2014. Ballots will be counted and audited at the offices of SBS, and the results will be posted on ACTE's website and announced in Techniques magazine. Eligible voters attending VISION 2014 will have the option of voting on site by using the computer stations. You can also vote through your Internet browser on your smart phone.

Two candidates did not apply for the positions of Agricultural Education Division Vice President, Region V Vice President, and Health Science Education Division Vice President. Per ACTE Bylaws and the Board Policy and Procedure Manual, if there are not two candidates for a vice president position, the office shall be declared vacant by the Board of Directors. The respective policy committees reviewed the candidates and recommended them for appointment. The ACTE Board of Directors voted to appoint Nancy Trivette as the Agricultural Education Division Vice President, Dodie Bemis as the Region V Vice President and Cindy McConnell as the Health Science Education Division Vice President. The terms for these positions are July 1, 2015, through June 30, 2018. As a result, voting for Agricultural Education Division Vice President, Region V Vice President and Health Science Education Division Vice President will not be featured on the electronic ballot this year.


NANCY TRIVETTE Region: I Division: Agricultural Education Occupation: New Jersey Program Leader, Agricultural Education/State FFA Advisor, New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA) Employment History: State Leader/State FFA Advisor, NJDA (2000--present); State FFA Advisor, NJDA (1995-2000); Planner/ Program Specialist/State FFA Advisor, NJ Dept. of Education (1989-1995); Instructor/FFA Specialist, Cook College, Rutgers (1983-1989) Education: Rutgers University, Ed.M.; Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture, BS

ACTE Involvement--ACTE Division: President, National Council for Agricultural Education (Ag Ed Policy Committee) (2009), terms (2003-2005; 2007-2009), Vice President (2004,2006); President, National Association Supervisors of Agricultural Education (2008), term 2007-2009; Region Vice President (1992-1994); Member (1983-present); NAAE Member (1999-present) ACTE Region: Region I Vice President (2011-2014); Bylaws Committee member (2010); Awards Committee Chair (2013); Affiliation Committee (2013) ACTE National--Other Activities: Executive Committee and Finance Chair (2013-2014); Strategic Planning Committee (2012,2014) State/Local: National CASE Advisory Committee (2009-present); Chair (2010-2011); National FFA Board of Directors (2003-2006; 2013-2018); National FFA Treasurer-Elect/Treasurer (2013-14/2015-2018); National FFA Foundation Board of Trustees (1994-1995,2004-2006);

State CTE Advisory Council (2010--present); State CTE Association Member

Platform Statement:

Changes in our world over the next 40 years, such as an ever-growing population and declining natural resources, will continue to require CTE leaders to be visionary, progressive and responsive. We must successfully prepare greater numbers of students for postsecondary education while ensuring their success and readiness for current and emerging careers. We must model and promote seamless transitions to postsecondary experiences and/or careers for all students. The numbers and needs of students and educators are changing daily. Global industry requires us to ensure that we increase the STEM skills of all learners and prepare them for societal changes. Global changes will also require increased, clear and consistent communications that focus on members needs and education, as well as industry requirements. My record of leadership in agricultural education, on the ACTE Board as Region I vice president and as ACTE Finance chair, as well as my dedication as a state leader, show that I can assist ACTE in meeting the changing needs of our students, educators and programs.



Region: V Division: Administration Occupation: SDACTE Executive Director, South Dakota Association for Career and Technical Education Employment History: SDACTE Executive Director (2005--present); Special Assignment to Lake Area Technical Institute President (20112013); NESD Tech Prep Coordinator (1995-2011): English Instructor, Watertown High School, Watertown, SD (1969-1995) Education: Northern State University, BA, English (1967); South Dakota State University, MA, English (1969)

ACTE Involvement--ACTE Division: SDACTE Past President; Served on a variety of SDACTE committees (1996-2005) ACTE Region: Member of Region V Marketing/Membership/New Ideas Committee (2005--present); Region V Policy Committee (20082011); Region V ACTE Leadership Conference Chair (20092011); Region V Policy Committee (2012-2014) ACTE National--Other Activities: ACTE Program Chair for Tech Prep (1998-2006) State/Local: When asked, have willingly participated in a variety of committees and task forces (2000-2013)

Platform Statement: Several candidates have expressed the need to increase membership in ACTE. Yes, it is important to have strong numbers, but I prefer active members. Many people believe they are a professional by their degree or certification. That is definitely not my philosophy! I believe an individual is a professional through active membership in a professional organization. Encouraging membership is a one-on-one relationship. The top reasons to join ACTE are professional development, networking and advocacy. It is so easy to verbalize these three benefits and "sell" the organization. My high-energy, can-do attitude motivates others to become engaged in a variety of projects and committees. I can visualize the "big picture" and bring strong people skills and enthusiasm to the job at hand. I firmly believe that you don't need a title to be a leader. Serving in a variety of leadership roles has provided a great opportunity to network and grow professionally, thus enabling me to have a broad span of people to draw from and engage in ACTE activities. I want to continue the strong leadership tradition of Region V. I look forward to the opportunity to accomplish the goals of Region V and ACTE with positive, active members.



Region: II Division; Heath Science Education Occupation: Etowah High School Health Science Teacher, Alabama ACTE State President Employment History: Health Science, HOSA Adviser, Etowah High School (1993--present); RN Nursing Supervisor, Riverview Regional Medical Center (RRMC) (1993--present); Newborn Nursery Head Nurse, RRMC (1978-1990); UAB Special Care Newborn Nursery (1990-1993) Education: Gadsden State Community College, AS; Holy Name of Jesus School of Nursing, RN; Auburn University, Health Science Teaching Certificate

ACTE Involvement--ACTE Division: Attendance at NPS and Capitol Hill visits; Awards Committee evaluations ACTE Region: At Region II conferences, I participated in leadership offerings, off-site visits and classroom improvement. I was part of a committee which presented information at Region II about how Alabama obtained a $50 million bond for CTE programs in Alabama. ACTE National--Other Activities: I have been involved in NPS, regional meetings and VISION meetings. I have had discussions with Jan Bray (former ACTE executive director), and ACTE past presidents Karen Mason and Gary Moore, etc. State/Local: Alabama ACTE (AACTE) President (2011-2012), AACTE President-Elect (20092010); Alabama Health Science Division, Past President. I am an advocate for CTE and health science. I have had the opportunity to visit state, city, county and national leaders and teachers to promote health science and CTE and what it offers our students.

Platform Statement:

As the Health Science Education Division vice president, I would like to see our section membership skyrocket! Can you imagine what we could do if each state could provide us with new teacher names yearly and we could provide information to each new teacher about our organization and what we have to offer? Just think of the possibilities of how many new members we could obtain! I would love to see all new teachers coming to the regional and national meetings to see and hear how other teachers are meeting standards, credentialing, teaching and handling classroom issues--ones that they probably think are unique to their classroom that we as older teachers see as an everyday occurrence. I will advocate for the Health Science Division. We must promote our programs. We are preparing our students to be productive, hard-working adults. And when our story is told, our politicians listen. And when we show the skills our students have, others watch and want to be a part of the production.



Region: V Division: Trade and Industrial Education Occupation: Teacher, Tucson Unified School District /Santa Rita High School Employment History: Construction and Drafting Instructor, Santa Rita High School (2000--present); Construction and Drafting Instructor, Sahuarita High School (1993-2000); Graphic Arts/Photography Instructor, Chinle I High School (1988-1993); Construction and Drafting Instructor, Many Farms High School (1985-1988) Education: Northern Arizona University, MA, Vocational Education (1990); State University College at Buffalo, BS, Industrial Arts (1985)

ACTE Region: Region V Vice President (2012 present); Region V Policy Committee (2010-2012); Region V Fellow Coordinator (2009-2011); Region V Policy Committee (2006-2008); Region V Membership Committee (2004-2005) ACTE National--Other Activities: State Task Force Chair (2014); Region Task Force Chair (2013); Resolutions Committee (20112014) State/Local: Arizona ACTE Past President (2010); Arizona ACTE President (2009); Arizona ACTE President-Elect (2008); Arizona Senior Fellow (2006-2007); Arizona Sophomore Fellow (2005-2006); Arizona Freshman Fellow (2004-2005); SkillsUSA/VICA Advisor (1987--present)

Platform Statement:

My primary goals as president will be to increase membership; to get the Regions, Divisions and states to work together; and to bring ACTE into the 21st century. All these efforts will help increase our membership. As a teacher, I know change is scary and many people don't like it. I know how important change is, and I am willing to push for it. We need to have Division representation at the regional conferences, which will bring a much-needed link between states, Regions and Divisions. I believe this link will increase attendance at state, regional and national conferences. Linking the regional conferences with Divisions will have us all work together. ACTE needs to aggressively utilize technology and bring professional development sessions to our members. With the reductions in funds and travel, we need to use 21st-century technology. I believe we need to bring the conferences to our members, not just ask them to come to us. The techniques available via websites and social media links need to be used more effectively. As a teacher, and past CTE director, state president and Region vice president, I understand the different levels of ACTE and its needs. I know the importance of listening and communicating. I will keep your needs in mind as the policies and decisions are made. As your president, I will advocate for all CTE members and try to bring ACTE into the 21st century.


Region: IV Division: FACS Occupation: FACS Instructor, Morrison Public Schools Employment History: FACS Instructor, Morrison Public Schools (1992--present); Admin Assistant, USDA Human Resources (19901992) Education: Oklahoma State University, BA, Vocational Home Economics Education; Rogers State College, Undergraduate Studies ACTE Involvement--ACTE Division: ACTE FACS Division (1992-2014) ACTE Region; Region IV (1992-2014); Region IV Vice President (2011-2014); Region IV Executive Committee Representative (2013-2014) ACTE National--Other Activities: CTE Support Fund Board Liaison (2013-2014); Resolutions Committee Board Liaison (2012-2013) State/Local: OkACTE President (2009-2010); OkACTE CTAC Representative (20082010); OkACTE Representative to the OK Education Coalition (2009-2010); OATFACS President (2007-2008); OATFACS Secretary (2006-2007); OATFACS Region Vice President (2005-2006)

Platform Statement:

ACTE is committed to providing leadership opportunities to members to educate and prepare them for the continuous changes required of CTE in preparing for our future in today's competitive workforce. In order for this purpose to be successful, it is vital for the membership to become and remain involved. My goal as president-elect will be to continuously motivate our membership to become more involved in leadership opportunities through professional development, committee and conference participation, and the Awards program. It will be vitally important for our members to remain involved in order to take action on issues that affect ACTE. I will dedicate my time to leadership and involvement in the Association, which will continue to secure the mission and goals of ACTE, and I will continue to work on the development of unity with all members involved. I appreciate the opportunity to be considered for ACTE president-elect.



Region: III Division: Administration Occupation: Dean of Business, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (WITC) Employment History: Business Dean, WITC (2008--present); Campus Manager, Chippewa Valley Technical College (2006- 2008); Associate Dean, Dean Instructional Operations, WITC (2005-2006); Academic Program Manager, Univ. of Wisconsin River Falls (1995-2005) Education: St. Mary's University of Minnesota, Ed.D. (2007); Bethel University, MA, Organizational Leadership (1999); University of Wisconsin Madison, BA, Communications, Spanish

ACTE Involvement--ACTE Division: No offices held by Division ACTE Region: Current Region Ill representative for Wisconsin ACTE National--Other Activities: Past ACTE Bylaws Committee Member, Current Resolutions Committee Member State/Local: Co-chair of State Professional Development Committee for four years; Past State President (2012-2013)

Platform Statement:

As a national presence, ACTE can identify larger trends and opportunities, as well as impending legislation that we might not be aware of at the state level. As an example of this, ACTE has done a good job of keeping us up to date with the various changes and threats to Perkins legislation via e-mail blasts. In addition, ACTE can help us boost the image of CTE on a larger scale. On a regional level, we are an important conduit between the state and national levels and can also provide an avenue for communication and sharing of best practices. As Region vice president. I would have the opportunity to accomplish a number of different objectives: (1) learn more about what is happening at the national level; (2) increase my CTE network and hopefully make some new connections with regional leaders; (3) share new information and contacts with my state and Region; (4) identify further areas for growth and support of CTE; and (5) support an organization and field that is vital to me in a meaningful way. I appreciate the opportunity this position affords to learn and grow, all while supporting CTE!


Region: III Division: Administration Occupation: Consultant, CK0 Consulting, LLC, Illinois ACTE (IACTE) Employment History: Consultant, IACTE (2012--present); Director, Capital Area Career Center (2007-2012); Director, Lincolnland Technical Education Center (1994-2007); Director, Tazewell County EFE (1992-1994); Special Populations Coordinator (1988-1992); FACS Instructor, Pekin AVC (1981-1987) Education: University of Illinois, M.Ed.; Oliver Nazarene University, BA, Home Economics Education, Minor in Business

ACTE Involvement--ACTE Division: Administration Division Member (1992-present) ACTE Region: Policy Committee Member (2011-present); Region III Conference Chair (2013); Region III Conference Attendee (2010-2014) ACTE National--Other Activities: Leadership Program Participant (2013-2014); Frequent ACTE VISION Attendee State/ Local: Consultant to IACTE (2012-present); IACTE Past President (2007-2008), IACTE President (2006-2007); Awards Chair (2007-2008); Board Member (1996-1997, 1991-1992); Constitution & Bylaws Committee (19901991); Public Information Committee (1990-1991); Illinois Council of Technical Administrators: Past President (2005), President (2004), President-Elect (2003); Board Member (1992-2012); Bylaws Committee (2003, 2010, 2011); Illinois Association of Special Populations Personnel: Past President (1993), President (1992), President-Elect (1991), Nominations Chair (1993), Legislative Chair (1990-1992); Illinois Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Association Member; Illinois Business Education Association Member

Platform Statement:

I have been advocating for CTE for many years at the state level and most recently at the regional level, and I welcome the opportunity to advocate at the national level. CTE has come a long way during the last few years. Due to the efforts of ACTE and the state affiliates, business and industry and government entities are finally starting to realize that CTE can address many of the country's employment and societal-related issues. They are recognizing that CTE students are receiving certifications and training in areas that have high unemployment throughout our country, and that students who are taking CTE courses have a greater chance of graduating and have higher levels of achievement. This awareness needs to continue and to become greater, and I pledge to do all I can to increase partnerships and to create more awareness for CTE. The more awareness that is created, the more opportunities our students will receive. ACTE has done a great job with increasing awareness and partnerships, and I would be honored to advocate for all the CTE community to continue creating more awareness of CTE in order to benefit students, educators, schools and communities.


DAVID HUGHES Region: IV Division: Administration Occupation: Associate Vice President for Technical Education, National Park Community College Employment History: Associate Vice President for Technical Education, National Park Community College (2000--present); Director, North Central Career Center (1994-2000); Instructor, Arkansas Valley Technical Institute (1988--1994) Education: University of Central Arkansas, MS; University of the Ozarks, BA; Drury University, BS

ACTE Involvement--ACTE Division: Administration Division Member (1994--present) ACTE Region: Region IV Policy Committee Member (Arkansas) (2003-2009); Region IV CTE/ Legislative Support Fund Committee Member/Chair (20002006) ACTE National--Other Activities: Postsecondary Task Force Committee Member (2009--present); CTE Foundation Chair (2008-2009); CTE/Legislative Support Fund Chair (2006-2007); Reorganization Committee Member (20042006); CTE Foundation Charter Member (2005); CTE/ Legislative Support Fund Committee Member (1999-2007) State/Local: ArACTE: Administration Division Member (1994--present); Administration Division President (20002001); CTE/Legislative Support Fund Committee Member, Chair (2000-2006); ArACTE President (2001-2002); Legislative Committee Member/Chair (2004-2006); Arkansas Association of Career and Technical Education Administrators (AACTEA): Founding Member (2006), Secretary/Treasurer, President (2007-2010); Arkansas Association of Education Administrators (AAEA) Member (2004--present); Arkansas SkillsUSA Chapter Management Institute Director (2006--present); Arkansas SkillsUSA Board of Directors (2004--present); National Council of Local Administrators Board Member (2007--present)

Platform Statement: I would like to see the Administration Division move to the forefront in encouraging all administrators to consider the value of ACTE, not simply CTE administrators. I think this can be accomplished by continuing to stress the value of CTE, the reinforcement CTE gives to academic performance and by highlighting the results of being involved in ACTE (the success stories).


Region: V Division: Administration Occupation: Director of Career and Technical Education, Canyons School District Employment History: CTE Director, Canyons School District (2009--present); Business Education Specialist, Utah State Office of Education (2006-2009); Teacher, Alpine School District (2003-2006); Teacher, Mesa Public Schools (1998-2002); Teacher, Arizona Institute Business/Technology (1996-1997) Education: University of Utah, M.Ed., Educational Leadership and Policy; University of Wyoming, BA, Business Education

ACTE Involvement--ACTE Division: Utah ACTE (UACTE) Administration Division President-Elect, President, Past-President (2011-2013); UACTE Business Division Lifetime Award Recipient (2006); UACTE Utah Business Education Division Board Member (2006-2009); Arizona Business Education Association, Executive Board Member, Jr. High Representative (2000-2002) ACTE Region: ACTE Region V Conference Attendee (2007, 2013) ACTE National--Other Activities: ACTE National Conference Attendee (2006-2013); ACTE National Policy Seminar Attendee (2014) State/Local: UACTE Conference, Chair (2013-present); UACTE Executive Board Member (2013--present); Utah State Office of Education representative on UACTE Board (2006-2007); UACTE Annual Mid-winter Conference Attendee (2006--present); Arizona ACTE Member (1998-2006); Wasatch Front CTE Consortium Member (2005--present)

Platform Statement:

CTE is a vibrant part of career planning for today's students! It is the link between theory and real-world application and sets in motion experiences for students to gain soft skills, technical skills and study skills to succeed in postsecondary education-whether that's a one-year certificate, two-year associate degree or a four-year bachelor's degree (or more). Communication and collaboration among secondary, postsecondary and businesses create partnerships that help students make the best career choice for them. With today's emphasis on STEM, I believe aligning CTE courses with core content (math, science, language arts) will strengthen CTE and make a difference in students' lives. College and career readiness put CTE in a strong position to be a leader in helping students reach their full potential. However, many students, parents and businesses are not aware as to how CTE programs have changed over the years and how they may be beneficial to them. Through using many media outlets, including social media, I believe ACTE can and should get the message out to many audiences about how current and responsive CTE programs are today.

In order to facilitate a smooth election process, please be sure to:

* Verify your e-mail address with ACTE. If ACTE does not have your e-mail address, it is imperative that you update your member profile immediately. You can do this on the ACTE website by going to www.acteonline. org, logging-in (Access: ACTE ID# and last name or updated password) and clicking on "Update Your Profile," or by emailing

* Make sure you/your IT Dept. puts Survey and Ballot Systems on your e-mail's "white list" so your voting information can be received/not marked as spam. The e-mail will be sent to you from:

* Remember that in order to vote, you must be a member of ACTE as of October 21, 2014. Members are only allowed to vote in elections for their Region and any Divisions of which they are a member.
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