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WE asked: Should parents be allowed to smack their children? If we didn't speak to you, why not email us at Yes, it is all right for parents to smack their children. I think if a child has been naughty a tap on their legs is fine as it will remind them in the future - Julie Sheldon, 47, a carer from Thorntree I don't have a problem with it if it's used in the right instance. When I was younger my parents were very strict and smacked me - Kevin Sheldon, 56, a retired coach driver from Thorntree I'm not against parents smacking a child if they're not causing damage. It lets children know if something they've done is a big no, no Jason Daniels, 29, a developer from Redcar If they've been naughty I think it's fine. I used to smack my child's legs but other times I just needed to raise my voice - Evelyn Kennedy, 65, a retired shop assistant from Saltersgill It does depend a lot on the circumstances. But I think if a child has misbehaved a tap is all right so long as you don't do lose your temper - Paul Sharp, 33, a cleaner from Middlesbrough No. I don't think a parent should ever hit a child. If they do something wrong you should explain it to them not smack them - Margaret Emmerson, 62, a retired care worker from Netherfields
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Feb 6, 2012
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