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Your view on 'crazy' pay for Sanchez.

BROUGHTON and Blackley MP Graham Stringer has blasted the 'crazy' PS500,000-a-week wages reportedly being paid to new United signing Alexis Sanchez. Here are some readers' views from our Facebook page: | Maybe he and his fellow MPs - including the Prime Minister - could sort their own house out before talking about football. Cut your own ridiculous salaries, maybe to cut taxes and to help reduce the ridiculous cuts to our public services. Then you can criticise football clubs.

Emma Maddocks | Clubs can afford to pay those prices as they can charge fans that much for tickets and merchandise. But it's optional, if you don't want to pay, nobody is forcing you.

Asim Pervez | If you dropped ticket prices you wouldn't be able to attract the players. The fans don't see a problem because they keep filling the seats.

Jonathan Whitehead | Maybe the government can put the immense tax he'll be paying into the NHS? Probably shouldn't hold my breath.

Tony Gardom | I think he's underpaid, if anything.

Daniel Johnston | You can snipe all you like at the MP, but Sanchez is on a ridiculous wage. We are talking 10 times above the average annual salary, per week.

Philip Edwards


New United striker Alexis Sanchez

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Publication:Manchester Evening News (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Date:Jan 24, 2018
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