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Your turn.

In the previous two issues, we invited you to tell us what you think of our new look and content. Sure enough, our mailbag filled up with your reactions, and we've printed excerpts from some of those letters here. Please keep the feedback coming, and let us know about things you'd like to see more of--or less of--in future issues.--The Editors



Congratulations on an outstanding redesign. We have watched Campaigns & Elections grow from its inception three decades ago and this is an important step in your continued growth. Kudos to your team. They have done an excellent job turning your magazine into a "must-read" not only for political professionals, but for anyone who loves politics.

Tony Fazio

President, American Association of Political Consultants

Excellent redesign. I've always liked the magazine, but suddenly you've got me paying close attention.

Tucker Carlson

Host, "Tucker," MSNBC

I could not put down your January issue. I loved the stories, especially the ones on Huckabee and women voters. I think these stories were dead-on to what I see in the real world of campaigning. In the February issue, the piece on Hispanic voters was very well researched. I want to congratulate you on breathing new life into this magazine. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got up your sleeves for March.

Tony Bawidamann

Vice President, MWW Group

Politics is now offering a slice of insider, nuts and bolts information you simply can't get in any other publication. Most publications view campaigning from the outside in, but yours gives you the view from the inside out.

David Brooks

Columnist, New York Times

I am really impressed by what you've done to make Politics an immediate draw for the political community. It is fresh, a new forum, and it is engagingly presented. Well done. Now what is needed is a little attention to the law-and-politics side of things--if you will excuse the special pleading....

Robert Bauer

Chair, Political Law Group

Perkins Coie

Kudos for a terrific redesign. The graphics are great, the substance even better--insightful, pithy, readable. You have made a good magazine a great one, at a perfect time.

Norman Ornstein

Resident Fellow

American Enterprise Institute

Your new format and presentation is great for a political junkie like me. The one observation I have is whether you are reaching all of the available audience. The under-30 voter deserves a place at the table and to have your magazine pull up a chair for them. Ignoring the young voter is akin to ignoring technology. They are out there on college campuses, in state houses and, yes, even on your own staff.

Lisa Worden

Worden Enterprises

Congratulations on your re-launch and new look. Although I've always enjoyed reading C & E, the new appearance makes it much easier to read, albeit with the same outstanding content. Great job!

Daniel J. Buksa, JD

Associate Executive Director, Public Affairs, Academy of General Dentistry, Chicago

In every issue, I gain some insight that I pass along to clients and colleagues. The new layout certainly makes it easier to navigate the information. Well done.

Richard J. Kosinski

Vice President, Political Advertising

Yahoo!, Inc.
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Date:Mar 1, 2008
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Your turn.

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