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Your support makes a difference.

Helping disabled veterans and their families is what the DAV Auxiliary is all about. Our ability to help meet their needs is achieved through the generosity of Auxiliary members who support and are involved in numerous programs.

In the hard economic times we now face, it is plain to see that nothing is certain in life. We never know when we may find ourselves in a difficult situation and in need of some type of assistance. That's why our support of Auxiliary programs is so important.

Many disabled veterans, their families and survivors live on fixed or limited incomes. A financial crisis such as unexpected loss of employment, death of a spouse, serious illness, floods or other natural disasters can leave individuals and families in immediate need of support.

Auxiliary members facing such emergencies can turn to the Auxiliary National Service Support Fund. The fund provides a one-time grant up to $1,000 in financial assistance to an Auxiliary member or household. The money is paid directly to the debt, not the member. Copies of outstanding bills and an application form must be completed to be considered for assistance, and all applications are confidential.

If you are an Auxiliary member who is a high school student looking for a way to help pay for college or a member wanting to go back to school or perhaps need to continue your education for your job, a loan from the Auxiliary Education Loan may be just the source of support you've been looking for. It's another excellent Auxiliary support program.

Eligible Auxiliary members can apply for an interest-free loan to help finance their education. Full-time students may receive up to $2,500 per year for a maximum of five consecutive years. Full-time students must apply each year, have a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester and maintain a 2.0 grade point average or better per semester to be considered for renewal. Part-time students may receive up to $1,250, carry a minimum of 6 credit hours and maintain a 2.0 or better GPA.

The National Education Loan Fund Committee determines the amount of loans granted each year based on the amount of funds available. If a loan is granted, a check will be sent directly to the school.

The Auxiliary supports the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic as an annual sponsor. Co-sponsored by VA and the DAV, the clinic is a world leader in promoting rehabilitation by instructing veterans with disabilities in adaptive activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, rock-wall climbing and scuba diving. For many newly injured veterans, the clinic provides their first experience in winter sports and inspires them to continue self-development.

The Auxiliary also actively supports the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, Pa. This non-profit organization's goal is to educate and inspire citizens of all ages, promote volunteerism and encourage positive community contributions. The Auxiliary offers scholarships to attend Freedoms Foundation to further education and understanding.

Additionally, Auxiliary Units participate in a wide variety of local community service projects. Whether helping out at a local fund raiser for a family in need, city cleanup projects reading to youngsters, visiting nursing homes or helping to stock a local food pantry, Auxiliary members are there making a difference.


I encourage each of you to get started making a difference right now. Information about all of the programs in this article may be obtained from DAV Auxiliary National Headquarters by calling toll-free, 1-877-426-2838, or writing the Auxiliary at 3725 Alexandria Pike, Cold Spring, KY 41076.
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Title Annotation:Disabled American Veterans' Auxiliary support program
Author:Dobmeier, Sandra J.
Publication:DAV Magazine
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Date:Mar 1, 2009
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