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Your stars.

Byline: Patrlck Arundell

If you've been feeling confused about what your prospects are, you can now start to get a clearer idea of what's what. Yet with fortune bringer Jupiter starting to head backwards, you still need to keep your wits about you. Don't assume one associate will keep a promise. Call now for more... Your romantic prospects remain bright, but there's a caveat. If you get chatting to someone, try not to be too influenced by their material situation. Yet if you have an imaginative idea, the rest of June can prove perfect to flesh it out, so do the legwork. Call now for your love scope in full... You can start to feel zippier. Not every hope will go on the front foot, but some can, and such has been your frustrations with certain delays, you can let out a whoop of delight at any progress. This week can also see you start anew, in some areas Gemini. Call me now for more astral advice... A friend can give you an important tip-off and whilst this could be in terms of a flutter in a sporting context, just as easily it can relate to a possible job opportunity. You can be one of the shrewdest of all the zodiac signs, so do look out for the politics in situations. Call me for more... The Sun forms a delicious link with a host of planets in your relating sector and after some ups and downs one involvement can now start to look a lot more positive. If you're a solo Lion, you may discuss going away on holiday with a close friend. Call your prediction line for more advice...

Send in that application. Ask your current employer about widening your experiences. If you don't flag up your hopes to improve your lot, no-one else will. Even if this means you have to get by on a little less money for a while, this is where you should focus your aims. Call for more advice... You can attend a business meeting and the portents are excellent. But travelling for pleasure can also be fulfilling. If you're looking to meet someone new, things are bright. But the first person who shows an interest may not be the one, but something else can soon be sizzling. Call for more...

A mixture of shrewdness and tact can do wonders for you this week. In love, things are at a tantalising juncture. But the impact of the Quarter Moon may see someone appear on your radar who can seem to be the real deal, but ultimately flatter to deceive. Call me for your love scope... If things have been a bit strained between you and someone, who's going to make the first move to sort this out? Should it be you? However, someone in the family could surprise you with a revelation or are you going to let something slip which has been kept under wraps? Call for more...

This can be a great week to get things done and a "can do" attitude can win you plaudits. But don't try to be too much a people pleaser, you have your own chores and things to get done, and if you push these to one side too much, eventually you are going to feel frazzled. Call for more news... Your personality will see you woo admirers with your quirky humour, but win long term fans, through your caring ways. However, Jupiter does head backwards, suggesting that one scheme may require slight revision before it really pays off. Be up for the challenge. Call now for more... If you've hankered to spend more time with your family, especially if you have younger kids, you may jump at the chance of taking on a part-time or home based role. Yet you can't just throw off responsibilities, and even if you feel crowded out, you'll need to negotiate changes. Call for more....
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jun 7, 2009
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