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Your stars with Patrick Arundell.

Byline: Patrick Arundell

Venus and Jupiter, end their respective retrogrades today and with the Moon potent as it passes through your sign, relationships of all kinds can start to feel better. There may not be any obvious evidence of this but it can be what you soak up from those around you. Call for more astral advice... You have sparkled communications wise, but there may have been a bit of a muddle going on in your love life, which still needs to be resolved. Things may still be delicately poised and there may also be more discussions to be had. You may decide to spend money on a time saving device. Call for more... You may feel more like cutting to the chase and telling it how it is, than ever before. But it may be best to count to ten before you do, because with Venus doing an about turn, it may be better to be philosophical about some situations rather than hostile or confrontational. Call now for more news... Stuff relating to your past may have been affecting you more than you've realized. Now you can dust yourself down and start to move forwards again. True, there may be more self analysis that needs to be done, but you can be less mired in this and more accepting of the benefits. Call me now for more... Today can be a marker in time for this month. The potential to link with people has been lifted by the Mercury and Mars conjunction, which has got you chatting and reaching out, but with Venus now being less befuddled, your decisions in turn can become clearer. Call for more news and advice... Jupiter is about excitement, knowledge, travel and...a happy go lucky vibe. Yet it's been rewinding in an area concerned with the home and your life foundations. Been looking for a new abode or been trying to locate the right accommodation for an elderly parent? Things become easier. Call for more... If you have been nervously awaiting the arrival of a new item of furniture or to get some redecorating done, Venus becomes an asset today, after a period when she may have subtly headed off your hopes or left you unsure around which fabric or hue to choose. Call your prediction line for more news... However much you've tried to see someone else's viewpoint, there is a sense that they have not really been open to what you've said. If you have a burning sense of injustice, you may decide that your only recourse is a legal one. If on the other hand, you may be better rising above the fray. Call for more... Someone may have found you just a bit too hot to handle recently. Not that you have done anything wrong, quite the contrary, you have been exuding a pulsating charisma that has had someone absolutely in raptures, but also perhaps a bit in awe of you. Call now for your love scope in full... Finances are often a tricky issue at this time of year - as the cost of Christmas starts to bite home. So I bring you good news dear Water Carrier, in that some of the ideas that others seemed so negative towards only recently can now start to receive rave reviews. Call now for more news and advice... Your balance of payments may have tumbled a bit out of shape. There may have been purchases relating to a re-location or upgrade. Then again, you may have been the benefactor to someone within your clan. Either way, money seems to have been flowing more out than in. Call for more advice... Anything which has seemed a bit stuck or immovable can now start to speed up.

There's an impishness about you that can also take hold. Pure cheek could actually take you a very long way indeed. This is also a great time to explore, wider more exotic horizons. Call now for more news...
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 18, 2010
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