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Your stars with Patrick Arundell.

Byline: Patrick Arundell

You can be very upfront, but if your birthday is on the cusp with Pisces, or you have Pisces planets in your birth 'scope, you can often have a gentler touch than the go-get archetype for your sign suggests. Continue to look beyond the obvious. Your deftness can be rewarded. Call for more... If you think your partner is set in their ways, why don't you try to spark things? Or if they aren't keen on heading out, give a mate a ring and go out with them instead. If you're perfectly content staying at home, your creativity can be high, especially if you enjoy making things. Call for more... Saturn can be an oppressive influence as it moves through your sector of sociability. But ironically, the angle he forges with the Sun today can be constructive. If you feel you can "do business" with someone new in love or at work, it can become an influential relationship, in time. Call for more... The Sun and Saturn in their link, are asking you to put to good use your organisational skills. Venus and Uranus however, are asking you to do something a little more heartfelt and even, dare I say, daft. If you can combine the two, then do. One way may be by helping to host a party. Call for more... An invitation can arrive on the doormat and it can be for a formal party, dinner or gathering. Perhaps an announcement is to be made. At first you may feel a bit hedged in by the thought of this, but be open minded, it could turn out to be a really positive time. Call me now for your in-depth forecast... A jokey conversation may hide someone's attraction for you, or yours for them. Although there are homey influences underlining your situation, this doesn't mean that some frippery isn't possible. You may even find yourself being flirty with someone you have known for years. Call for more news... The Sun is about energy. Saturn, its outer planet cousin, can however, when in tricky aspects or planetary angles, be like a giant brake. However, these two hang out in a very positive manner. You can be logical, constructive and thorough. Matters that require precision can go well. Call for more...

This can be one of those days when you gain satisfaction from the things you already have, be it good memories, clothes in your wardrobe that you've never really worn, or enjoying a book or CD that you've had for a while, but never used. Call your Scorpio prediction line for more advice... Sometimes when the Sun occupies our own sign, as it does for you now, we can find ourselves enthused by new schemes or people, but this initial enthusiasm doesn't always last. However today, you can shrewdly balance good ideas, with future expectations and needs. Call for more advice... Saturn is much maligned, and sometimes this is unfair. True, it can be a dour influence, but it also urges us to be more self-disciplined, to work hard and respect the rule of law. Today it offers you the chance to make the most of a skill or experience that you have garnered in your past. Call for more...

You can be a great friend, and if someone is needing some help, whether it's first class advice, to physically moving things, you can often be on hand in a thrice. You also make an excellent advocate for those less fortunate, and this part of you can shine out too. Call me now for more astral advice... Venus and Uranus are absolutely buzzing for you today and can trigger some surprise developments, but ones that can absolutely thrill you. This may see a date being arranged, or if you meet someone for the first time you can dazzle them with your sparkling personality. Call me for more advice...
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 25, 2009
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