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Your stars with Claire Petulengro.

Byline: Claire Petulengro

Things are looking brighter and brighter. Not only is your personal financial situation looking up, but you are also more willing to push yourself forwards. Don't hold back. Be prepared to show off and talk about yourself as though you are the best around. Call for your indepth forecast... Don't be in too much of a hurry to buy luxury goods and don't get involved in get-rich-quick-schemes. Should you need to sign important documents - read the small print. Yet, ironically if you've had a goal for some time, you should consider going for it. Call me for more advice... You may feel confused by someone in authority who should know better. It could be your boss or someone else you have to deal with. If you try to negotiate, it may make things worse. Go with the flow and next time you speak you can see a change of attitude. Call for more astral advice... Find out what you really want and dare to follow your bliss. Notice too what might be holding you back. It may be time to clear away some of these self-defeating patterns and de-clutter yourself from the inside out. Take time out to connect with deeper needs. Call for more... Time to take your natural place as a leader, and take charge of your destiny. The Sun and Mercury are currently in your social zone, so you get the most out of your days by exchanging information with others, sharing tips, arranging events and organising groups. Call me for more advice... You learn most when you teach what you want to learn. But travel is also high on the agenda. Journeys abroad can be both relaxing and a chance to take time out to recharge your batteries, but can change your view of your own life. Connect with key people. Call me for more advice... Both Mercury and the Sun are helping you to think about travel and that break that you have long been looking forward to. Even if you are just mulling possibilities, it can be exciting for you. If you have the time this can also be a good time to take off. Call for your in-depth forecast... A lovely angle suggests a meeting that could lead to a very special and very spiritual partnership, whether it is business orientated, romantic or both. When it comes to financial matters you are good at using your quick mind to get credit or to make excellent investments. Call for more... You know exactly what you want in a relationship, yet you may find yourself yearning for a lover who senses those things about you that you can't put into words. Uranus is moving through your love affairs zone, so new affairs are experimental. Call me now for your love scope in full... You can revive a flagging relationship by nurturing it and encouraging all that is good about being together. Make a point of doing your favourite things and of showing how much you care, and your lover will be delighted. Solo? Your romantic life is going to be hot. Call for more... The restful focus on your home zone is doing you so much good. It is soothing your nerves, encouraging you to nurture yourself and giving you a chance to connect with your heart. You feel more at home with yourself and not so alienated from all that is important to you. Call for more... You can meet someone who finds you irresistible. There will be a meeting of minds and a meeting of hearts too. This relationship may start out as more of a friendship, one in which you gradually get to know and understand each other. Wow, powerful stuff! Call now for more...
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 10, 2011
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