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Your stars MAY 22 - MAY 28.



WE are in the shadow of an important eclipse which unfolds on June 1. Ancient astrologers believed that eclipses were very powerful. And there's plenty of evidence to support this theory.

To have an influence on our daily lives, the eclipse degree must be the same as a birth planet. So look out if you're a Gemini or Sagittarian, born on June 1/2 or December 2/3. This week's lucky star sign: Gemini. Lucky dates: Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning.

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Aries MAR 21 - APR 20

IT'S important to do something constructive about your life and to have the courage to change certain patterns if need be. With Venus in the cash zone of your horoscope you should aim to get finances on a firmer footing if possible. Even if you feel that there's no need to take direct action, it's clear that something could escalate if it's not handled quickly.

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Taurus APR 21 - MAY 21

IT'S true that you made mistakes in the past but new developments are giving you a lot more control. On Thursday something or someone helps you to change your daily patterns in a totally positive way. In fact with the starry emphasis on your own birth-sign of Taurus, it seems as if the cosmos is creating a climate of longlasting arrangements and commitments.

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Gemini MAY 22 - JUN 21

YOU don't have to roll over or make concessions that are against your principles. But you do need to compromise in one place. If you feel uncertain or have resentments, just bring them into the open. The Sun in Gemini helps you to put things in order and to get projects moving. On Friday you find ways to devise a more exciting lifestyle and to get back on top.

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Cancer JUN 22 - JUL 23

YOU'D like to feel more fulfilled emotionally. And on Thursday you emerge with a host of fresh ideas and romantic plans. Situations sort themselves out. And it's clear that old doubts you've been hanging on to will evaporate. You may well decide that the time is right for a new type of adventure. And what happens over the weekend could turn things inside out.

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Leo JUL 24 - AUG 23

BY taking special advice on board you'll get a brilliant outcome. Anything to do with developing a new approach or giving the benefit of the doubt will be lucky. With Mars bringing a challenge on Wednesday, you have to be tough and do things differently. On Friday the stars bring a gentle uplift and a gain in confidence as the theme of change continues.

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Virgo AUG 24 - SEPT 23

THE pace is speeding up and some very real progress is possible. Perhaps it's time to take on someone's needs and wishes. In fact this week's aspects ought to work wonders when dealing with complex arrangements. Uranus brings moments of true inspiration. And Venus brings a resolution. But the most important thing is to carve out the lifestyle that's right for you.

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Libra SEPT 24 - OCT 23

YOU'VE waited a long time to get somewhere and you don't want to be held up at the key moment. Any trace of self-doubt must be overcome if you are to seize a number of new chances and press ahead. If current routines are not offering you enough scope or room for growth, think about changing direction. Exciting experiences are in the planetary pipeline, Libra.

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Scorpio OCT 24 - NOV 22

ARE you ready to do something radical, Scorpio? Amazing stuff is happening in your horoscope. And this week's developments could represent a vitally important milestone. Many things can be successfully concluded, as you finally get in touch with what's right for you. Decision time looms on Friday, and although you're hesitant you'll feel better when it's done.

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Sagittarius NOV 23 - DEC 21

THERE'LL be a memorable turning point as one little phase comes to a close and another opens in its place. But you have to make a move if you want something to develop further. The Sun in the playful sign of Gemini brings a big boost to your social life and you can start living it up. You could come further in a short space of time than you have for months.

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Capricorn DEC 22 - JAN 20

REST assured that this week's planetary influences are very helpful. So if something isn't working out, think about listening more carefully to your inner voice and act on gut instinct. It's best to look forward positively, Capricorn, and to embrace new involvements which bring security and happiness. On Tuesday you sense that life is getting better and better.

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Aquarius JAN 21 - FEB 19

AMAZING aspects from the Sun and Moon make you feel more positive and better able to cope with life's little ups and downs. If you're hoping to get something launched, planet Uranus brings that fresh impetus. Mercury is also urging you to be more proactive in your approach because current planetary movements are going to make you feel all fired up.

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Pisces FEB 20 - MAR 20

INVITATIONS, introductions and get-togethers of all kinds are under the spotlight. Developments work to your benefit but if you still have something on your mind why not share it? Having a more open approach will improve relations and help create an environment of honesty and trust. A few surprises will arrive on Wednesday as the tide of events swings in your favour.

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NAOMI CAMPBELL May 22, 1970 (41)

BOB DYLAN May 24, 1941 (70)

CHRISTOPHER LEE May 27, 1922 (89)

JOAN COLLINS May 23, 1933 (78)

JOSEPH FIENNES May 27, 1970 (41)

KYLIE MINOGUE May 28, 1968 (43)

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